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  1. I never played on the old system, but what i've heard it's way cooler then the current one it's not special to be gold, but before if you were Rank 10 Gold your name was displayed that you joined the district which is awesome, i think it makes you get a goal in the game to wanna reach that title same as leveling to 255 also makes it a goal to reach 255 but thats something everyone can do so having something that only a small % can reach is more fun. What could be cool also is adding challenges like fortnite has so that if you complete them you would get like new clothes/skins etc making objectives gives you a reason to play it more. This dont apply to this sub but a thing from battlefield 4 which had that you could join a client hosted server i guess like cs has with your own server playing vs bots but on battlefield they had moving targets too shoot at and test all weapons etc etc. This is something i would still use even if im an experianced player its good warmup also you can get to know your gun faster then having to join missions or fightclub to get warmed up practicing aim on moving targets and long range targets. This idea is also from Battlefield i think apb could have something like this its ofcource not nessesary but it make it feels more worth playing and you cuztomize your profile more and people can look at it and you can gain more friends+ clans if people check at your profile like in battlefield 4 look at this page http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/fivestarHERMES/stats/1595247668/pc/ and you can see rank, kills/d seeing if your within rank division 1 in world with a certain gun, also seeing K/R and kills per min and a skill level bar showing overall stats as a avarage skill level. this could bring new fresh feeling to the game, also this system should only calculate if K/D happen during missions not fightclub.
  2. Im getting this error Failed binaries\Apb exe.StatusApply i have tryed Repair get same error and i removed the Apb exe get the same error just wanna know if their is a fix, i rather not reinstall slow net takes time
  3. true it would ruin on some parts but it eliminated use of macros . but i personally would rather have a new shooting system in this game when you click your mouse the fastest you can the gun dont shoot that fast it studders more if you click the fastest in like bf4 on a pistol it shoot maximum speed since they have a set timing like 4 click per seconds will make the gun shoot maximum and it wont matter if you click 8 clicks per seconds but if you click 3 seconds it will shoot slower. I feel having this shooting system is way better never see any other game have the shooting style like apb has it kinda sucks not being able to click as fast as you want since clicking slow speed in close combat can mess up your aiming sometimes if a stressful area.
  4. If this is a big thing then if you wanna fix this problem its really simple make every gun shoot maximum speed by holding button like example (N-Tec} this wont change anything every player i fight in this game already shoot maximum speed with example FBW or AP pistol. So if they would change that all guns are just click and hold i would like it more since even if you have click and hold you can still click whatever speed you want and not get any mistake fire clicks. This way macros wont be needed and it will be fair for everyone....
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