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  1. I think the game will work fine for me Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti OC Aorus z490 xtreme i7-10700k 16 GB ram Windows 10 Installed on SSD
  2. Hello dear @CANINE what you wrote "Have you attempted to run a /latencytest and sending it to support so they can better understand the situation of why you're getting disconnected?" is not compatible with the situation we have here, Most of us are trying to play but unfortunately the server is crashing or lagging . When we reconnecting to the server i see all the servers are empty and what it's means?, It's means all the players of the server for example on our case we are talking about Citadel EU server has been kicked out due to the server is not stable, We will be much appreciated if you could fix it for us , We know that the stuff members and the regards are working hard on the game.
  3. Hello i got config with -Hold to crouch -Toggle sprint -Mouse fix "but unfortunately for you -Overwolf/mumble custom crosshairs is bannable"
  4. Ethan Belinsky: this week feels like 1 month ColColKilla is now Online. ColColKilla: Hm ColColKilla: Idk dude when we got better reply ColColKilla is now Online. Ethan Belinsky: if tiggs will come now and will tell you Ethan Belinsky: play apb 24 hours and dont go to work 1 day and she will unban you Ethan Belinsky: will you do it? Ethan Belinsky: 24 non stop only missions aginst 4 ranks 255 golds Ethan Belinsky: you will do it 24 hours for unban? ColColKilla: idk what system they have Ethan Belinsky: if she will tell you like that Ethan Belinsky: and tiggs spectate on you only Ethan Belinsky: to see if you afk or not Ethan Belinsky: aginst shini dopefish yugichan and unquite Ethan Belinsky: those are the only enemys Ethan Belinsky: if tiggs and matt scot telling you the same thing Ethan Belinsky: you will go for it? hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is someone here will go for challenge like it?, 24 hours only
  5. Question is when there will be the battleye update
  6. Thank you so much for letting us know about this administrator Lixil.
  7. Hello all when can we start to write support? or the support is already working ?
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