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  1. Some days I get 160ms and others I get 260ms, happens to my American friends too where they'll have 50ms or so and then they have 130ms, doesn't seem to change depending on district pop
  2. Joker and Colby got Trailblazer titles so can Han get one too @MattScott <3
  3. I posted earlier but now I cant even connect to Jericho nor can use my Han characters on Jericho yet ;-; wats happenin??
  4. Checked as well can't use my mains yet. Sad times man, if it was meant to come with the patch then should have been able to use them like 1 hour and 45 minutes ago x.x
  5. Are we meant to be able to use the characters yet or am I mistaken for assuming it would come straight away with the main o.O
  6. yeah haha I got super confused until the other guy informed me about it hah
  7. Never said he wasn't trying his best, wasn't trying to be a burden to him or anything was just curious what was happening because I lacked the knowledge
  8. Just read it incorrectly and didn't notice that Jericho and Han would be down for longer disregard this post then~ also tagging Matt Scott is obviously easy cause he generally responds pretty fast so if I didn't see the announcement then he would informed me about it or any one else
  9. Any one else unable to log into a character? (Yes i'm probably just being impatient and not letting the server properly reboot) @MattScott
  10. Ayyeeem, will finally hopefully be able to move my characters to Jericho soon!
  11. The engine we are currently on is outdated as hell so trying to add a lot of stuff would probably be a little bit awkward, the engine upgrade would open the game up to all sorts of new content as well as probably more optimization cause the more stuff in the game that the engine has to render in, the more strain is put on the engine and im pretty sure our current engine is quite incapable of having anymore things added, hell the game struggles with what we have atm >.> But yeah the more updated the game is engine wise the better the performance and easier it will be to up the graphics or add content :3 (I ain't no expert on how game engines work tho ;-;)
  12. They mentioned in another post that they would have to change the LCR so the IR works properly with it
  13. Purple modifications having a downside would kinda suck because you have to put into account that you are already getting a downside both the Hunting Sight 3/Reflex Sight 3 and Improved Rifling 3/Cooling jacket 3 so having a third downside on the purple modification would in my opinion be too harsh on the weapon depending on what type of negative effect. for example like having reduced damage on a purple mod while running IR3 or especially CJ2/3 which increases your overall bloom would very much be "eww". (Cant think of any other negative effects sorry xD) I'm no expert on how modifications work and what would be the best but I do personally think that chucking a downside on 3pointsling or any purple modification in general would probably destroy a weapons functionality a little much and I would probably avoid using them overall.
  14. Ooo That is very good to know Thanks for the fast reply!
  15. Hey @MattScott was wondering if there was any information we could have about HAN's migration to other server worlds? Are you guys planning to allow us to migrate to the other server worlds before moving the game over to Unreal 3.5 and 4 or would it be easier to wait until after the game is moved to 3.5 or 4? There are quite a few of us on HAN that are very eager to play yet are unable to play due to the extremely low pop on HAN. On another note is there any plans on moving HAN's server location back to a previous location or a new location to benefit the population? (Dont have to answer this, just curious) Thanks in advance <3
  16. In my opinion moving Han's server to either Australia or Singapore would be better then merging Han players with Jericho. if you move Han's server back to Sydney or Singapore i'm sure a bunch of people would gladly return to the game but if you force merge Han players over to Jericho you will probably lose players overall. tbh I'm hoping the merge will be a choice thing and allows you to merge specific characters of your choice over to Jericho
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