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  1. I've unlocked Woods or Wires in November 2015. Not sure if content has been removed afterwards. IMHO the following achievements are broken since the skills or abilities have been removed: Knee Capper Bone Breaker Ninja Warrior Armor Breaker Hole Puncher Spaghetti Western Dirty Shooter Whipper Snapper Free Bleeder Bullseye Point-Blank Sniper Bedside Manners Basic Melee Master Intermediate Melee Master Advanced Melee Master Basic Pistol Pro Intermediate Pistol Pro Advanced Pistol Pro Basic Savvy Sniper Intermediate Savvy Sniper Advanced Savvy Sniper Basic Medicine Maven Intermediate Medicine Maven Advanced Medicine Maven IMHO the following achievements are broken since the content has been removed: Know When to Hold 'Em Know When to Fold 'Em The following achievements maybe need an update: Ride Roughshod (100k; I'm capped at 60k. Maybe needs to be reduced) Asset Coverage (90k and 180k; I'm capped at 45k. Maybe needs to be reduced) Odds-On Favorite (50k; I'm capped at 25k. Maybe needs to be reduced) Not sure about the following achievements (counter is 0 for me): Mind Trick Gold Medalist Four Leaf Cloner Behind You! Not Just A River In Egypt Take Their Breath Away Stay Away From My Gas Tank Steamroller Kind Of A silly person Catch Me If You Can You're The Man Now
  2. Yes, it is a science skill. Please see the wiki for more detailed information: Scrap Paper
  3. See also: Building Your ATV (Level 5+)
  4. Shorts are one of the first items you can craft (Shorts) so I wonder what you mean.
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