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  1. Good update for JG. Now u cant land shots so ez. Felt like old JG with more range but lower damage and rof. CSG is still bad, i dont see any reason to use csg instead of jg. PR-1/PR2 versions are completely useless.
  2. Agree, tommy recoil should be reverted or buff damage/spread
  3. Shotguns and IR should be reverted. These changes only prove that Little Orbit dont know anything about this game. I dont understand people who accept IR change. It is beyond logic. IR was not the most popular mod before the changes because it gave really small advantage and had tiny downside. Now it has biggest downside and it kills all weapons with preset IR, for example csg pr1. Pump shotguns were balanced, skill required weps, hard to aim but good in cover. Now its mutated no skill garbage which is impossible to balance cuz of pellet change.
  4. Pre-patch shotguns were balanced perfectly, maybe JG needed some love. With all these balance patches game becoming more unbalanced and weapons more sutiational and less allround. Now im 100% sure they gonna nerf shotguns to 5m 2shot range no aim garbage for bronze. Old shotguns was hard to use(cqc raingun) but very rewarding.
  5. CSG and JG are shotguns, not melee weapons. Prepatch JG was like this 5-7m and no one used this shit on missions. CSG with 7m range and 0.8 ttk rly?
  6. Yes. So they reduced csg basic fire rate and IR reduces it for another 20%? Devs are insane
  7. Yea but 9m is really small range. In FC maybe enough but for districts is very situational. Playing shitguns means playing pistol 80% of time. IR makes corner fights better for csg but in open fights outclassed by everything.
  8. 9m 2shots makes shotguns even more situational, outclassed by smgs completely. They just cant stop nerfing shotguns every couple years.
  9. 2 shot at 9m is not balanced? Before the patches csg 2-shot at 13m and no one said its was OP. In 2011-2013 csg 2shot at 18m and JG at 15m.
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