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  1. Curious, do they have the right to development APB2 on PC client? It will be fun if they have.
  2. Hi, @MattScott , Do you still remember the characteristics of the game to attract you to buy? these characteristics also make players not give up the game for almost 10 years, if you want to save APB, please carry these characteristics forward, somthing like new clothes, new cars, new Contacts, new districts. new heating level, new ranking level, new achievements, new roles ... ... ... ... About RIOT, I usually look down on imitation and plagiarism, If I like the Battle Royale mode, why dont I go to play PUBG? this is another question, LO only can do imitation and plagiarism? About new game mode, you can check annual festival activities or events, G1 have tried a lot, they have tried Survival event before, and others like headless horseman..., the end result of all these new mode is that the players weren't much interested. I seriously doubt that RIOT team is the same guys from G1, they never know what the players really want.
  3. If Han be merged with Jericho, APB will lose most players in east Asia because high latency.
  4. Although not very sure, add more languages option should be more easily than engine update, more languages=more players(dumb money), this is a very simple reason.
  5. If you study more, you will know add Chinese is not so simple just replace some translated text, especially Chinese, must need official support, such as add Chinese character in game file system, something like that. I know one friend have finished Chinese patch many years ago, you know online game often updated, if no offical support, all is nothing. ank now, we have lost this guy for a long time.
  6. I spend a lot of time to teach friends to play APB, but English is too hard to them, some of them said, "If Chinese langage is ready, our wallets will be ready at the same time." 花了很多时间教身边的朋友玩APB,但是英语对他们来说太难了,有朋友说,“你什么时候准备好中文,我什么时候准备好钱包。”
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