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  1. If someone has a receipt for paying for goods at Innova, can they restore some of the purchases after the transfer of characters to the Citadel?
  2. Creating cheats everywhere the same process: get Debugger, Virtual Machine, IDA, HexEditors, and go into reverse engineering mostly by hooking memory addresses, devices, and don't forget about spoofing sending data = the recipe of hacking any game. Anticheats - the same actions in reversed direction.
  3. Yeah and what? The question isn't about developing game itself, it is about developing serversided AC. It based in most cases on physics laws (even we talk about anti-speedhacking/teleportation/ghosting) not at your favorite graphics engines.
  4. 30k-50k players online simultaneously - much more than here for all period. The topis is about serversided AC-measures but client-sided (battle eye). You read that wrong. So what your 'professional large team' have done? It's interesting why enthusiasts got success and professional teams still staying at 1 place (before LO - we'll see how they work it soon).
  5. Inspired with experience of developing server-sided many anticheats for SA-MP (including open-sourced NEX-AC by OstGot, closed-sourced for many popular russian roleplay servers and by my participation in developing such things by myself), I wish to ask something about APB's server-sided anticheat and show situation from other side: 1) How many employers works on anticheat (both sides)? - In most cases sa-mp projects have <5 programmers in team that making everything in their free (from primary work) time. The gameplay mechanics there are much complicated than here, but effort of many unprofessional (in most cases, ROFL) programmers resulted now as serversided-anticheats that works INSTANTLY (<1min) and Correctly. 2) Does you have remote-vacations ? How many man-hours devoted in developing anticheat measures? 3) I wanted to ask about speed-hackers ingame (they are still rarely exist), meaning that aimbots or wh are out of this topic due complication of this problem (on the other side already exist solutions based on neural networks with verification by serversided game map) what is technical problemы to fully automate this process? I still experience ~1 person in 2 months that speedhack-usated (without fragile perc and adrenaline) and he lives until ban or 'ragequit' at least 1 hour. WTF why the other players in session with him must suffer so long? 4) Many of people ask for return broadcasting bans but this is 'naming and shaming' by rules. How about announce every month statistics about bans with such information as: number of registered new accouts, number of automated bans, number of false-positives, number of manual bans, number of accounts in current month that played >N hours and didn't got ban? So there will be no blame about productivity of anticheat measures but AC-details. I'm does't intended in shaming somebody but I want some information about real reasons of so long and doubtful effectiveness of development be bring to masses.
  6. How about unobtainable achievement 'Infected' and so others like that?
  7. How about nonsolid soft top (for boot) on Montane and T-25 for a lagre cargo?)
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