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  1. By your logic they could add something absolutely ridiculously broken and you'd still tell them to deal with it cause its an "obstacle".
  2. To all the people saying my poll is skewed to my own favour I have the following to say: First of all, there were several ways I could've made the poll. I could have generalised 2 of the 3 options in this way: Should car spawners be changed or removed? Yes No. But this would cause confusion as to whether people want it removed or changed. I could have made it this way: Do car spawners need to be removed? Yes No Which leaves even less options to interpet. So far, most people are for the removal or change of car spawners, saying they are NOT fine as they are. The people who say they are fine as they are are saying that this skews the votes to my favour, but there are just 3 options in general. There is no reason for me to leave anything out or add anything unnecessary. Sometimes it can be hard to understand what someone is trying to convey when you are dead set on your opinion on something. People who believe car spawners are fine are usually the people who abuse the car spawning system in 4 man squads against pugs with teams with often some good and some less good players in it. The only way to fix this would be pitting 4 man teams ONLY against other 4 man teams. Which would completely break matchmaking in general. Just because you always have a good group to play with doesn't mean everyone does. You are on teamspeak or discord, you are coordinated, and having all of you with pioneer car spawners all around the point just breaks the game for anyone who doesn't have that option. On top of that car spawners are pretty much enforced. Which is something I never like. It removes the viability of other options.
  3. The remote detonator sound is bugged to hell though. Sometimes it blows instantly on the first beep and sometimes it beeps for ages without blowing up. They can literally drive at you, get out and instantly blow it up without a single warning sound made.
  4. I feel like most of the people denying car spawners need a change or removal are the people abusing the system or playing with people who abuse the system. I've been high gold since beta pretty much, and I've watched the game crumble under G1/RP. The more they added to the gameplay, the more toxic the gameplay actually became. Because it forces you to cheese and run certain setups. Things like remote detonator, which is not easy to use, but when used properly can not be avoided. This just makes people angry when it's used against them. It's toxic. Things like the radio tower are also overpowered. The only advantage of the current spawn system is being able to spawn in different locations making it harder to guess where people are coming from. But now you can just slap your radio tower car wherever you want and you have 1 entire side covered or everything in a smaller radius. This allows you to know EXACTLY where everyone is. And that is with just 1 radio tower. Sure you can destroy the radio tower, but your position is already compromised. I feel like a lot of changes that G1/RP made need to be reversed and the spawn system reworked once more with a better view of how the game is played.
  5. I'm mainly talking about attacking. Defending has always been easy.
  6. Not sure what you are saying to be honest, mind giving a clearer explanation of what you mean?
  7. Also to the people who think that taking out car spawners automatically makes you win; You will NEVER and I mean NEVER win EVERY single shootout in your lifetime. Even if you take out the car spawner, you are NOT guaranteed to win the exchange after that, in fact, your chances are lowered because they will know where you are, since you blew up their spawners. So you lose that exchange, and you still spawn 200m away because the spawns are still crap. That's your mission lost right there.
  8. And that is exactly the problem. Just by placing a few car spawners, you're already wasting a good chunk of their time just to get rid of them. When you spawn 200m away from the point on the other side of where the car spawner is, you need to one, be lucky to find a car to go get rid of it, and 2, be lucky that your enemy isn't watching the car and the point with an ALIG. Car spawners change the gameplay way more to the point of annoying lame gameplay. This game has become all about lame tactics. It's no longer about being good or smart about how you defend or attack. Nope just place a few car spawners and you waste a few of their minutes easily. What if the point is already far enough as it is to get there, and you get 4 minutes to do it, and then your enemy spawns there first because of the wonky spawn system, and they place a car spawner just to waste another 2 of your minutes before you can even get to the point. It's ridiculous.
  9. Yes this is why missions were much more balanced and easier to do when the very first spawn system was around.
  10. Like I said, you're forced to use them. If you don't use them, you lose every mission against decent players. Also it's because my teammates use car spawners.
  11. Maybe I'm confusing not being able to spawn in the car cause of nearby enemies with cooldown timers, I've just NEVER seen ANY cooldown timer anywhere on the screen related to car spawners.
  12. I have honestly NEVER seen that. I've always been able to spawn in the same car constantly even if I die 10 seconds after spawning.
  13. I never used low yields in my life. 1 conc is often not enough for an armoured pioneer.
  14. I haven't noticed any cool down timers. Either it's bugged or it is WAY too short. They can spawn their car constantly and so can I.
  15. I believe you are missing the point. When I say "The enemy actually knowing how to play" I mean not being against random newbies who you can kill easily and just spawn kill while moving towards their car spawner which is in a hard to reach spot.
  16. When the objective is one a bridge, and the car spawner is below the bridge on the complete opposite side of your 200m spawns, and your enemy actually knows how to play, you're not going to get that car spawner before all the enemies respawn. I never said it was unfair IF everyone uses it, but the fact that you are FORCED to use it, and the fact that not everyone can buy a good car AND a car spawner, makes it unbalanced and ultimately a broken system. if that's the case, give ALL cars a free automatic car spawn. That would make it so everyone can use it and make it an integral part of the game. By this I mean, not making it a mod, but making it a standard feature of the car itself.
  17. This is given the fact that you have a gun to damage it quickly, before the bloody mission ends. Have fun shooting all your clips into a pioneer, and good luck if there's multiple of them. Takes a lot of time AND You need to resupply, all while the time is ticking away. Also, you may have a car spawner at the start, but you only get one, and you can't remove it from your macchina calabria. So if you want to use any other car, you're screwed. The Macchina Calabria is really easy to blow up so it can't compare to a pioneer car spawner, which takes a lot of bullets or 2 grenades directly under the car.
  18. That requires you to one, walk all the way around to their car spawners without being seen, and 2, using all your grenades to destroy them. And a third, risking getting killed by the person spawning in the car because you weren't there in time. It's still ridiculous no matter how you look at it.
  19. Hello, I'm Sjana, I've played this game since RTW. With over 10.000 hours clocked, I have a lot of experience with this game. There are a lot of things that need to be changed, but the biggest thing gameplay wise is the spawns. The spawn system, as it is right now, is absolutely horrible. One team gets to enjoy 40m spawns in their comfy pioneer armour car spawners that require 2 concussions grenades to kill, while the other team has maybe 2 car spawners in macchina calabria's. Not only do car spawners completely break the gameplay, you are forced to use them in all your cars. So if you don't have money for a car slot, good luck trying to win against 4 car spawners in pioneers. When these car spawners are actively being used, the team with no car spawners keeps spawning 200 meters away, sometimes even more. So even if that team kills the entire enemy team, they will spawn back before you can even get to the point. This is mainly a problem with bridges. Bridges count as distance so they can place car spawners on the ramps or on the on the bridge itself so you can spawn there whenever you want to, giving the enemy no chance to get to you. The very first spawn system was not bad. It would sometimes spawn you 300m away, which was as a problem, but most of the time the spawns were fair. However, G1/RP decided to change it. The system they used after that was completely borked. The spawns could be pushed so far away that you'd end up 500 meters away from the original location you were at. G1/RP tried to fix this and borked it up even more. This is when they introduced maps spawns. Maps spawns were not too bad, but they were lacking in efficiency. That's when they introduced car spawners. Car spawners are nowadays unmissable. Players will not want to get rid of them for one reason: They don't know it can be done better. Basically they don't want their only chance to cheese the game to be removed. Their opinion is, if everyone uses car spawners, there's no problem. Right? But there is a problem. Not everyone can afford cars with multiple slots to put a car spawners in and whatever else you want to. This is where matchmaking comes in too. Lower levels with few car spawners in bad cars don't stand a chance against players with 4 pioneer car spawners. Matchmaking definitely needs to be fixed, but it still doesn't fix the main problem. The spawns. Sorry for being bad at constructive writing, I don't do this often. TL:DR; Car spawners ruin the gameplay and need to be removed.
  20. The problem with carbine macros is that macros can click at a consistent max fire rate pace, whereas humans can't possibly do that constantly. They're bound to mess up every now and then even with a LOT of practice. This is why a macro carbine will always win against a non macro carbine when no mis-aiming is involved. This makes it fall under the category cheating, and it's why it's bannable.
  21. I don't make too much original stuff in photoshop, but I have some Family Crests I made in Photoshop I'll put them in a spoiler there's a lot of them. If I can figure out how.... Also got some different designs I made for other purposes And I made tattoos that I put on real life models cause why not :p @LixilDo tell me if these are too graphic
  22. Macroing is a bannable offense and should be rewarded with a permanent ban for cheating
  23. If I had money to spare I would definitely request a commission from these guys. Unfortunately I'm quite poor at the moment haha, like always.
  24. I'll start EUH EUH EUH EUH! When an answer is given, be it right or wrong, the former post updates their post with the correct animal Correct answer: Seal
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