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  1. i have never understood why willpower didn't give the player gamma.
  2. ive been here since alpha, but i am crap at keeping track of accounts. must have lost my old info some time when switching to G1. anyways, all i want to say is thank you. i was pretty sure id never play this game again. now im making my s1 medium pistols all over again. you should add a donation link that explicitly doesn't do anything. or maybe consider selling commander at a reduced price, and putting everyone accounts on the low-tier premium in a few months. free accounts suck though, so maybe dont do that if you want to keep the ball rolling.
  3. while fallen earth was running it was slowly dying from the lack of playerbase, the exploits, and the gameplay quirks. getting shut off was its best chance at coming back better. I think its best chance now would be to bring back sector 1, with a wipe. one tier of bloodsports, 2 or 3 pvp zones, a new economy that can be fixed with a new sector in the future if it gets broken, and enough material to rp with. plus a smaller game for the limited playerbase. get the ball rolling from there, keep working on fixing the many problems the game has right now, and fallen earth might have a few more good years in it.
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