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  1. with CA3 it does LITERALLY NOTHING its the same time to heal with using medspray and without medspray thats how CA3 works lol, if they use CA1-2 Flak or Kevlar it does do a lot.
  2. Medspray with CA3 does literally nothing. Lily they nerfed PMG/HVR/NFAS/NTEC How are none of those meta weapons? I don't agree with the OBIR nerf though. I miss old obir.
  3. Or you could just nerf the rate at which you heal in cars so players can't get 85'd then get in a car and get out seconds later. Make the time to heal in a car like 3x longer etc.
  4. This is a terrible idea, this would literally make the game unplayable. The game would die 100%
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