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  1. 1 hour ago, LilyRain said:

    Downside: A good number of Players whom aren't at max Rank will simply abuse this and instead of playing, they will make sure they lose early to better maximize their standing per hour. We will have a major problem similar to dethreating. Instead of dethreating, players will play a single stage or 2 before losing on purpose. It won't be pretty.

    Agreed but the downside is a blessing in disguise, Even though the matches will be short, the game will be fun to play because r 255 is a long way, there are other things besides contact standing to progress, population will increase etc..... i think that downside will solve itself in the long term and in the randomness of who has to defend or do objective.


    Or only in the final stage of the mission whether u win or lose u get the same contact standing. 🙂 


    I have my rank built up from 572hours of losses and 1% wins 😞  



    If ur still reading......XD........TBH if i was the owner of apb id implement a few things without changing the game whether it is before or after engine upgrade i cannot say XD:


    • Make premium free and permanent with the game
    • Same contact standing for winning and losing
    • Have a constant event once a month that give 1500jt to 2000jt   
    • implement Raid bosses in opposition contacts through AI that give $50,000 to $100.000 Apb$ capping at: you can only do 3 boss fights per day so $250.000 A DAY / find some other ways to earn Apb$ money than ramraiding raiding 
    • Increase the type of customizable clothing items in Armas marketplace / gage my profits from the aesthetic side of the game  rather than from the player's actual combat stuff which affects gameplay and ruined the game in the first place.


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  2. On 9/29/2021 at 2:13 PM, BlatMan said:

    The STAR needs mods to do what the N-TEC can do without mods. When you finally unlock the slotted STARs, you've also unlocked the slotted N-TECs. Unlocking a STAR 1 or 2 slot before the N-TECs would help balance things early game.

    Exactly. In balance as it should be....doubt anyone would fuss over the two slot var. Hopefully.

    On 9/29/2021 at 4:50 AM, nattsvart_katt said:

    isn't 6 hour a bit exessive


    On 9/29/2021 at 4:53 AM, mattskoii said:

    nah 6min :^)

    Lol im famous now? ()_()

    ...U never know when a dev might be scrolling through XD. 

  3. On 9/29/2021 at 4:48 PM, _chain said:

    On an FC district full of people with various levels of skill anyone can get to at least silver rewards consistently, but there's just not enough players. 

    Only in bayland shipping, since u have to do tasks that depend enemy players. The low population actually helps in asylum to get gold rewards and maybe bayland shipping if u reach leaderboard.

    If u reach gold tier reward  ur name remains on quite a while 🙂

  4. 23 hours ago, glaciers said:

    an extra star and an nfa arent going to ensure anyone sticks around 

    better than nothing.....i remember back in 2015 a star 556 was ur start and ending weapon f2p edition maybe an ntec no slot if u chose right. definitely dont miss the 1928798160 or whatever market prices on legendaries.....(thank you again LO, if i didnt say it....XD) 

    but at least u would have a gun u could put mods on early game....don't underestimate a star 556 with cj3 🙂 

  5. On 9/1/2021 at 5:10 PM, TeNNeSY said:

    Hello there, Nano Connoissieur would be much appreciated in my inbox if someone has left these garbage in their „Locker”. 

    pm me for correct character name needed to send 😍😘

    You're better off grinding contacts for the daily activity ones gun, it is still over rated, i think still  


    1 hour ago, yourrandomnobody74 said:

    Give people who earned the respective lvl 16 weapon role the ability to purchase (free) 3 slot character permanent weapon

    might as well farm 10k jt or 5-10 mil for ursus than go for that. It'll only help the golds who have it unlocked.

    Other than waiting for an event or forever grinding FC for jt store. How about as criminal or enforcer when u level up the first faction to half way u get a character perm. Star 556 2 slot and 3 days premium code activateable whenever in redeem code armas and then when u lvl up the 2nd faction to half way u get an nfa-9 barrakuda character perm. ( the mag cap 1) and the three days premium again aforementioned. This'll ensure the tutorial/ new persons stick around after the one hour they spend online getting rekt by golds before leaving. Ensure them something in deciding/starting the 50+ hours grind. And premium might not always be here so this ensures they have access and if they decide to buy, get a lowered price in armas.



  7. On 9/12/2021 at 7:37 AM, NEVKE said:

    Does anyone else thinks that the prices of joker ticket weapons are ridiculous? I did quick calculations and to get a weapon for permanent usage with 3 slots(10000 joker tickets) it takes around 55 hours. I considered getting 100 joker tickets daily plus 800 weekly, which is quite a lot so you can even probably divide it by two if you are less experienced player. I play around an hour daily so it takes nearly 2 months to get one weapon. To me it seems like it's made to make people pay real money and give an illusion of choice. There are many people like me that cannot spend more than an hour daily in the game and would like to get a new gun at some point. Lastly I understand that the developers need to make money on the game but there should be a better balance. For example 12 days of grinding would be more reasonable, and people wouldn't get burned out and even quit the game.

    I thinks thats why the whisper was buffed to 50m because there are no assault rifles below 10k jt worth getting. The whisper is a good upgrade to the stock ntec or gun u chose in the perm stock weapon guns.

    Plus u can use it as an smg after u get a three slot assault rifle. (I heard from second hand experience about the whisper disclaim. btw) or u can get a scoped ntec thats alright,never used it enough.

    The game needs minimum three or 4 perm jt events every year 3 months apart etc. That give 1500-2500 jt.

    I think thats reasonable or add discounts on needed guns like joker cr5 3 slot or one gun of each category in jt so that the meta is controlled too. But that would be up to LO as an investment to get new players. 

  8. Winning team's more significant contact standing gained should not be a thing let it be independent (same amount (with the premium as it is) win or lose) more so until threat segregation comes back.  Reward the losing team the same amount as the winning team's contact standing gained for trying.

  9. On 9/19/2021 at 11:04 AM, PotatoeGirl said:

    Yikes. Literally 200 ppl online during the weekend.


    If going to disable threat at least bother to hide it during matches. 

    No....i aint getting killed 5 times only to realize its a gold im fighting(mostly getting farmed) to which i cant win unless im near a building to use cover.........not like they gonna let me crouch and shoot in the open.....it is actually really hard to do that strafe left and right thing they do in open street......i might as well book it in a npc car and regain my momentum in the next match. Although i would say if u manage 3-5kills on them their wall falls and they become more killable (without an osmaw, most of the time). But the amount of seemingly magical things i die by.  ......like a percussion grenade thrown 55m landing on my head after i finally killed a hard camping gold beasting with an ntec hs3 alone. kinda hits u like a truck in emotions..... though it had bronzes on his team so it was good to see, unbiasedly speaking. (Might as well call this game Nania reloaded: osmaw and shaw chariots meme edition; come fight the oscar cavalry take on stun opgl cannons across the plains of fallen silver grove, defeat the undead ntech army and face the medusa spam king in campinton camelot while fighting his colby witches of .45 ap wands on this thrilling adventure 10/10 google play store) ;(  not my best satire might have to rewatch. 


    Of course those two last lines are just the legendary moments u encounter after playing the game 1 hr above, with my exaggeration and doesn't sum APB. (silver btw) back in the bronze server ngl XD i could of come on test out my weapons and face 1 0r 2 golds (which i shrugged of as karma sometimes). Now i have to face golds, back to back after just an hr of playing especially when im tired......I could go on to talk about weapon balance etc but theres something else i haven't seen really specifically discussed. The reason we play matches is for contact standing the ppl who wins gets more and ppl who lose gets significantly less. but what if it was the same win or lose. the tryharding would stop etc. ppl can now play for fun 🙂 


    winning team's more significant contact standing gained should not be a thing let it be independent (same amount (with the premium as it is) win or lose) more so until threat segregation comes back.  Reward the losing team the same amount as the winning team's contact standing gained for trying.

  10. 16 hours ago, glaciers said:

    you can buy a 3slot scoped ntec reskin from armas and its probably available for jt too


    not even sure why you'd worry about a 3slot scoped ntec, theres no mods that fix its atrocious walk modifier


    the far plays nothing like a scoped ntec anyway, the revert request is because the far was (unnecessarily) nerfed at the same time as the ntec, yet orbit complained about no ntec competitors in their latest balance post

    Noted with thanks....

    There is no 3 slot scoped ntech for jt only the one on armas btw. 

    10 hours ago, LilyRain said:

    No probs, good day to you too

    Glaciers above gave an excellent answer


    They tried to nerf it, kekw:


    The gave the weapon that is the successor to the STAR an N-tec treatment, 'just because'.


    They are too lazy to the point where they'd rather nerf weapons that don't need to be nerfed to give the illusion that garbage-weapons will be able to 'compete', totally forgetting the bloom-fest that they are continuing to expand and that garbage-weapons are still leagues behind.


    Like come on, FAR, N-tec and STAR already have multiple disadvantages in CQC (ttk because these weapons are better off with improved rifling as well as mobility, they require marksman mode to hit anything 98% of the time) and also can't full-auto at their optimum ranges. Why were these nerfs necessary? They accomplish nothing positive, just more clunky gameplay and helping guarantee OCA 'Whisper' wins.

    Might test out far again....noted.


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  11. 1 hour ago, FakeBungo said:

    FAR was seemingly a garbage gun to begin with, did they try to buff it? its one of those stupid guns you can only get on Armas so not many people bother to try it.

    I never tried it but i am convinced it functions similar to the Scoped ntec excluding 5m extra range.....there is the far vanguard in the joker store but i don't like how it looks, spearhead looks better.....XD......maybe if the smaller mag justified the reload i/we might a picked it instead of joker cr5 on jt store....ignoring the looks......the accuracy stats are alluring though ngl. side note, joker cr5 is the only gun 3 slot for 319 g1c base maybe if the spearhead was, might of saw a variety. on a personal note how bout renewing the free trial of weapons i used 75% of mine and counting 5 years ago lol 😞. That 15% extra discount should be perm. not for 3 days. A scoped ntech premoded 3 point sling 3 on the jt store would be a nice addition, so that way a newb could get their hands on a sleeper ntec since it has hs2 and ir2 hidden in it and of course the now 3 ps3.  

  12. 19 minutes ago, LilyRain said:

    Because nothing more is needed.

    Thank you but I already know all of that. There are a handful of weapons with similar Shot Modifier Cap as well.


    I was asking you as to why you mentioned the number of slots for Scoped N-tec and why you thought I was advocating for a 3-slot variant about a weapon I did not even mention nor really changes much if it indeed gets a 3-slot version.

    Nvrmind, was trying to understand why u want the FAR reverted? I overthinked on this one. Have a good-day

  13. 19 hours ago, CookiePuss said:

    Lock these threads. 


    Lol....its fun to see but it does get repetitive.


    22 hours ago, LilyRain said:


    Why?.....theres a reason there are no accessible three slot scoped ntec....u tryna make one? 0_0

    8 hours ago, FakeBungo said:

    add headshots

    Why?...it's done hard to shoot a gold much less land a shot...especially with a hs3 ntec....it'll punish the players who use the lean mechanic reward players who hide behind cars and there arent much walls to use cover leaving mostly the ones u have to crouch to use....fun sarcasm btw percussion nades will become meta since they explode on ur face too.


    But keeping the memes of replying to this thread....XD

    I humbly ask for auto sprint. U press w, and hold shift to trigger the animation then let go shift to just keep ur finger on w.


  14. 20 hours ago, cowhorseman said:

    only thing you can lower is particles, and if you put it at zero the game crashes

    I heard from friends about the launcher never used it first hand....noted XD

  15. On 9/5/2021 at 4:50 AM, R3ACT3M said:

    AI of this magnitude will have a high chance of never happening. MS said it himself the AI is already taxing performance and trying to further it would bog everything down.

    the amount of JT isn't bad, but that is way too much cash. You would see everything on the Market sky rocket

    Something more realistic for "PVE" content would be a shooting range located in Social district behind the joker ticket store so you could test fire weapons before using their trials, OR just trying out weapon mods and seeing how much damage they do on a dummy target.

    True.....noted. but that still wouldn't off balance the pvp. Sure the shooting range would help the skill gap but in apb there is deaths that cannot be explained much less learned from XD. The problem i see with apb is the pvp.


    14 hours ago, R3ACT3M said:

    Nah they are quite helpful sometimes, they are noble enough to take a HVR shot for me

    Lol yh, i do use them when im running from an ursus too. I do remember the downside more though, like when ur tryna fire rockets at a hard camper etc.   


    18 hours ago, cowhorseman said:

    just remove them there useless

    I think tha advance launcher lowers the amount if its still legal XD.

  16. Turn oppostion contacts into RAIDBOSSES they would drop 150jt 50k low level (lvl 10 contacts) and 250jt 100k high level (lvl 15 above), the stories already there for contacts. it doesn't have to be all the contacts, the forum can have a poll on the popular ones to turn into, they would use a gun specific to them and devlar, teleport u to the boss level, team groups etc. This would create an alternative to the detering pvp, create a reliable way to farm jt tickets, bring in new players. probably revive the game XD.   

  17. No. Never encountered this problem....if ur complaining about car spawns it means ur probably leaving the area ur defending to go do drive-bys on respawning players. for kills sake. Just toxic. and the areas ur combing, the players is spawning in the car instead. Coincidence, i think not. The grenade change brought about a new meta. Lowering the skill gap a little for noobs.

  18. I thinks 50m is too much for the whisper...shouldn't it be 40m like the atac? 


    CSG buff:

    How about 3m base range or 15cm/s marksman speed more🙂 ? To compete with true ogre? Etc.


    OPGL nerf

    How about a charge up like the EOLs  and osmaws etc.

    Its kinda hard to compete when u dont have flak jacket unlocked :(. 




    15 hours ago, Uhtdred said:

     OBIR remains useless....

    Not any more now as obey cr 762 is nerfed. Saw some noobs dominating with it yesterday its more of a teamwork gun. Idk 

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  19. 10 hours ago, MrEnfo said:

    Hi im trying to complete the last few achievements I have, I came back after like 5 years brake from this broken game only to complete the last 5 missing achievements I have, one of them is called 

    Hooligan and it says "Earned by completing 100 mission objectives which require vandalizing a target." I been playing few days doing all missions my self but its still at 37/100 lol so what missions is vandalizing a target ? or is it just that progression in game have stooped to work and noting is counting now ?

    Grafitti? Burning cars etc? Finding one a those billboards in district and spraying it? Shoot a wall?....ramraiding? Check apb.db.

  20. On 7/31/2021 at 7:16 AM, Rapid99 said:

    When APB was developed, RTW was simultaneously working on their "Project: MyWorld" system as well. It was essentially a facet of a game development suite (primarily a mapping SDK) which was supported to pretty much be Social District: The Game. The system would allow developers to all build games and maps in this system, and those assets would link together online to form a sort of Google Earth of interconnected game worlds. It was also going to incorporate social media aspects like Facebook and Twitter among other things. 

    APB was built with this system in mind, and as a result it became this absolute nightmare of custom coding and wonky things that no one else in the industry really knows how to work on - it was built and coded to be compatible with ANOTHER game of theirs which never even came out. The game was built with Unreal as a foundation, but its such a bizarre hodgepodge mess of custom work that people couldn't just be hired to come in and work on it with Unreal knowledge - they had to be specially trained to work on APB. Having past Unreal experience isn't enough, you need the goddamn APB Rosetta Stone as well.

    This is part of why new content came out at an absolute crawl after Reloaded, and why the Engine update has basically become a Half-Life 3 esque meme. Most of the staff who knew how to actually work on the game were lost with the shutdown, and only a few were left over at RP to fix the game and produce new content. MonteCristo essentially went from being a Character Artist at RTW, to being in charge of model and asset creation, animations, color corrections, weapon skins, character lore, 2D art assets (the ones made with 3D rendering at least); he basically had to build the entire weapon skin system from scratch (there were no Weapon Skins pre-Reloaded for those unaware). Meanwhile Qwentle and Androvald were playing the roles of codemonkey extraordinaires, and I -think- Hezeki was in charge of server function? 

    Anyway, my point is, Qwentle was basically the last one to go (think he stuck around till 2019 when the UK offices were closed) and once he was gone, I figured that to be the last nail in the coffin for the game. Now its basically a few people in a pitch black room swinging a hammer around with hopes of seeing a net improvement. Im sure at least some information was passed down on how to work on APB, but... goddamn, it legitimately would probably be easier to just make a new game at this point using the existing art and sound assets.

    But what do I know, I don't know banana about game development.

    Appreciate the summary.👍...thanks🎆




    On 7/31/2021 at 5:48 PM, Y2Venom said:

     Always though Social District is under utilized. There is a spot for people to DJ and many people dont even know about it. Too much standing around in a small area.  Weirdly its done quite well in second life.


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