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  1. On 6/23/2021 at 5:42 AM, Sleuthman said:

    I think it's really rude to say that, when Matt and others are crunching their asses off to try and push this through for years. You come along and say oh they're just lying and not really working hard, that's one way to guarantee the engine upgrade never comes out, when the most loyal supporters of the game (forum users) are no longer supporting the devs. If I was a dev and read what you just wrote, it might make me want to just quit, so maybe just don't say stuff like that if you ever want to see this come out?


    I mean, we literally played the engine upgrade last year, why does everyone say it's never coming? They had to strip back some systems further and rebuild in order to get the lighting fixed which was a big bottleneck for performance, it looks like they have now basically done that. Yeah the "screenshots" that Matt is putting up don't look good cos there's currently no lighting, but give it a couple more updates and I bet you'll see it coming together really quickly from now.


    I am a game dev, so I really appreciate the updates Matt puts up from a technical stand point, but probably they are doing more harm than good to the people who just scroll down to the pictures and don't know what they're looking at.



    Yh... i still have hope.

  2. 10 hours ago, Esurient said:

    EAC was announced to be free for all developers yesterday.


    Now there's no reason to not implement it, along side BE if you really want it that badly.



    Easy anticheat is already implemented in apb though...isn't that the one with the bear XD...or am i confusing Battle eye? If i am, say someone is cheating, What if the systems contradict each other: one comes up with yes and the other no ...a third cheating system will be needed.

  3. 5 hours ago, ZestyDragon said:

    Joker boxes. The boxes had random stuff from legendary guns to cosmetics.

    For Freeee? 😉 if so when...pre 2016? Might be good to recycle the joker box system.

  4. On 4/30/2021 at 7:09 PM, Techtonic said:

    I've always thought the simpliest solution would have been.  

    1. Keep bronze, silver, gold, etc districts
    2. Debuff players that drop into lower level districts.  For example
      1. Gold Player1 goes to silver district
        1. Player1 does 20% less damage
        2. Player1 take 20% more damage
      2. Gold Player2 goes to bronze district
        1. Player2 does 40% less damage
        2. Player2 takes 40% more damage

    The exact percentages are just an example, but could be tweaked but damage reduction and damage taken percent should stay equal to each other.  The penalties should be higher the more disparity in their rank vs the district they joined. 


    This makes it so that the if a gold player in bronze runs into another gold player.  The fight between them would still be like it was in a gold district.  However, a bronze player vs the gold, the bronze would have a nice handicap to work with.  

    Agreed...with debuffing high rank players, not, keeping them out districts. u forgot to add      " on the gold" after "handicap" 2nd to last line, ppl might misunderstood.

  5. 9 hours ago, heelruby said:

    Vega 8 is an igpu, only has 8 CUs (that's 512 cores), based on the old GCN5 arch and relies on ur DDR4 system ram for vram so that could explain why ur fps is so low. I have one on my laptop and couldn't even get past 20 fps lol

    Lol noted....but u can increase ur fps on ur laptop with ram config such as having it dual channel u will get 50%more fps, check task manager-performance :ram to see. Most computers will be on balanced performance or power saving u have to go in graphic and cpu settings to change it to maximum performance. Lastly u can turn on movement base dynamic resolution in graphics settings. Been trying to find turbo boost in the settings but this is the closest thing i have found.

  6. 3 hours ago, SquirrelFace said:

    Is your PC from 2010? Actually, even some of those can run APB at 100fps with minor tweaks. A single 9600GT (released 2008) can run APB at 60fps or higher if you turn down the particles. My last card, GTX 970 (released 2014), runs APB at 1440p 120fps max settings. I was also using a 650ti (2012) for a little while and that ran APB at 1080p 100+ fps, with the only tweak needed again was to turn down the particles.


    Besides, I doubt this will run efficiently on such old hardware.

    Sus...()_() i use vega 8 on medium graphics in game on 1366×768 res and only get 57.9 fps.

  7. 10 hours ago, EvaPooh said:

    Have you ever tried meeting some of the people that play this game? I use my microphone for the first time in years and boom: I'm getting stalked. This community is toxic trash and what's left after years of bleeding out in the dust are almost universally antisocial neckbeards who grief and throw scat at you.


    Big shock that someone wouldn't want to group up. It's bad enough to have an itch to play this antiquated turd, but to actively group with people that play it daily? A fate worse than death, LOL.

    Damm. U could make a fortune on gg.bwater. (assuming ur a girl) lol...

    Jokes aside u could use a voice changer it has apps...but i wouldn't use the mic ingame it's surround so enemies can hear u.  Realized that....eventually u will get a really good group 100% especially on fridays (most players on). try to make friends with them. Having a clear role on the team helps such as the distractor(enough said ;kevlar implants if they take pride. XD) , suppressive firer ( uses tagger mod grenades fire work launcher  etc), the agressor (runs into combat/ the med spray man, strategic in manuevrabilty cover to cover; Most golds. Then the normal ones close range, long range each supported by the their pistols. Made those up, YW

  8. 25 minutes ago, R3ACT3M said:

    It really isn't a good time to add more guns to apb. The engine is main priority rn. But the bigger problem is the current balance of what? The current 50 guns give or take, aren't strong enough to compete with the meta. 


    Lovely ideas, but save this post until it becomes more realistic to talk about

    True.... I was more thinking in the meantime we're waiting for that engine we could of come up with guns....and if they are worthy....LO could just come back to this post when that time comes. the post isn't going anywhere in the next year...but if the meta changes the weapons will be obsolete....Noted. Maybe i will close this post and reopen it when the time of new contacts etc reaches. Thanks for replying. 

  9. 7 hours ago, R3ACT3M said:

    By don't like it, I mean (common complaints) it sounds bad compared to the ntec, the material makes most of the custom skins look bad, and some people say that it's weaker compared to the ntec (which is just placebo im sure)


  10. 7 hours ago, R3ACT3M said:

    I have it, it's my favorite long range side arm

    Damm. Apologies...i use act 44 pr1 hs 3, it helps, u can hit long range its just the long equip time (all act 44) of almost a sec. I dont feel comfortable with...especially if my opponent is rushing.

  11. 7 hours ago, R3ACT3M said:

    Yep, I see nothing wrong with this at all

    But hey, free mods and cars. So it kinda feels worth it. hitting max rank has it's satisfactions as well

    By free u mean by apb money $? Or like actually free...?_?

  12. 14 hours ago, pesto said:

    if you accidentally remove the gun from the inventory then you have to pay another joker tickets to buy. if the joker ticket weapons cost like 'less then 10 dollars' for character permanent


    No...once u buy it from the joker store it then becomes apb money so if a gun was 10000jt and u buy it, it becomes $10000apb money for all purchases after.


    14 hours ago, pesto said:

    remove the '7days and 30days expires option' of joker store weapons

    -reduce the price of 'character permanent option' from joker store weapons same price as '7days or 30 days options'

    I don't understand, other than decreasing the price of 'character permanent option' from joker store weapons...does it have a 30 day option in joker store....the Christmas event from last year looks like it may become permanent i spent only 10 bucks to get an act 44 pr1 and joker cr5 jt 3 thanks to the event. Maybe if we just wait or for events in general.

  13. Pleasant good-day, in the meantime we're waiting for the final launch of the engine to get the ball to start rolling, how about we have some fun designing new guns simply by adding mods to base variants of weapons. who knows, it might get added (To joker store...xd) with the roadmap and plans for new weapons 😉 . Rules; no combining more than one of same colored mod unless absolutely necessary and be real as possible (like weapons that u could imagine that would be in APB/not overpowered and phasing out other weapon use). With limited secondary's  weapons how about new variants such as S-AS PDW(https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_SASPDW) with a pistol silencer or CJ2 (could be as sep variant of the gun), showstopper with Improved rifling 1, R-2 harbinger with cooling Jacket 2 (wild west theme-fire rate) or hunting sight 3 maybe even a legendary version with CJ2 and Ext. mag. 1 or mob. sling or 3point sling 3 or hunting sight 3 and lastly how bout a Frog with improved rifling 2 called Frog Rango/bull's eye  or something (or maybe not, it might change how the gun works). Anyways just my 2 cents, thanks for reading.  


  14. 3 hours ago, R3ACT3M said:

    Honestly the Sword looks like garbage with every skin due to it's matte-like material. The blood rose skin is the only skin that looks good on it.

    Like you said:

    That's the whole point of it, is so you can try out weapons and make your decision. Armas guns even give you a discount if you buy the weapon soon after taking it for a test drive.

    I would just take it as a lesson learned, (another FYI people don't like the sword compared to the NTEC and CR5 for reasons. Also you get a free Account bound Sword as a reward if you spend enough on the armas, I think it's the first reward you unlock)

    Noted, Thanks for replying

  15. 2 hours ago, jmiIos said:

    That's the default OCA silverado you are talking about, there used to the one with preset mods smg silencer, cj2-3 and mp3, which was available on armas only and now only certain amount of people have that one.

    And if you read a little more into the thread you would see that the current OCA-SD variant is the worst smg in the game, 2 open slots don't make up for it and bringing back silverado and iron reaper would make more sense, even if they bring back drop off range to 30m it would still make sense to bring back those weapons since now only some people have them.

    ...k, thanks for reply

  16. On 6/15/2021 at 1:44 PM, jmiIos said:



    Then at least bring back OCA-EW 626-SD Silverado and Iron Reaper, and also what ever even happened to those weapons??? it was just removed from armas and now only certain amount of people have THE BEST SMG on 10m range, while everyone else has to play default Oca, totally not p2w. But you left the garbage VAS C2 Entente, Atac watchman and some other horrible garbage

    I remember a while ago watching a seal streamer using oca silverado because he knew it was the best smg in the game and he said it himself, but you can only play it if you bought it before the late 2014 because after that they just removed it from armas?????



    U know u can still get it from contacts (silverado)....the Vas c2 Trouble maker or entente if u want overkill, PDW Kris( identical to whisper but only comes with smg silencer leaving two slots open, the same thing u was looking for on the OCA with the silencer but only on Armas), atac watchman and patroller is better (in range and others), check the stats apb.com. If ur can't afford any like me then the hazardous XD, (got mines as a christmas gift from a nice person)....it can go for 650k to 750k on market and if u go asking in chat in servers 500k to 650k.... now as u have premium about 5hrs farming green server should get u that amount on crim.

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