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  1. Opening third slot of the weapon should do, FULLSTOP(i did went overboard in the others apologies)...at this point i would really appreciate just an extra slot or a preset 3point sling 3 🙂......it'll have its own well distinguished place between the two other variants (well 4;valentines, the tagger mod is r195. so the chopper var. is emphasized). it'll have a small edge above the mk2 variant or not depending on the user but make the mk3 needed so it would be worth it as a loyalty reward.      




    1 hour ago, Theronguard said:

    (well 4;valentines, the tagger mod is r195. so the chopper var. is emphasized).

    Or the tagger mod could be disabled from being equipped on the hazardous var. on a whole to emphasize more the chopper variants, MK3 and even the troublemaker (a different gun with tagger mod preset). Of course, the additional description to the hazardous with this: *Due to cut backs on production cost, the Hazardous's magazine isn't outfitted for tagger rounds for tagger modification.*     

  2. 1 hour ago, Hexerin said:

    They promised this to us years ago when they removed JMBs and put legendaries in the JT shop... but like the engine upgrade, it never happened and probably never will.

    No....the marketplace got updated with a new outfit, the weapon stats of some guns need updating like oca ew 626 identicals, rfp9 and pmg though...but there's enough hope to look to the dawning of tmr.

  3. 8 hours ago, LilyRain said:

    A dog living in the basement is a subwoofer.

    What type of slippers would frogs wear?...


    Open toad

    What did the act 44 say to the showstopper?.

    .....its show time.

    What did the ursus say to the new glory?......




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  4. 6 hours ago, Bambola said:

    Besides, what one would do otherwise whilst waiting for a mission to start than practicing some shooting on their teammates. 

    Lol....idk reflect on life and ur toxicity on killing teamates...XD Jk....u can progress the objective...look for a good spot....read why the contacts are giving u the mission....play with some emotes.....watch a vid in ur phone...orr just read the forums. Ik its sarcasm btw...

  5. 1 hour ago, cowhorseman said:

    you can't balance guns in this game


    there A stupidly over powered and turned into meta guns everyone and there mother uses




    there B stupidly weak meme guns that make people rage because you killed them with it.




    there c guns everyone thinks are trash but can be useful and will call you a hacking cheater for getting kills with them because they don't know how to use them effectly 

    Lol agreed....i like C more though...cause i explored the database it helped me identify identicals and gave me confidence in my guns.  XD...it has the characters backstory on it btw... in the mean time u can read them its really interesting. Apbdb.com 

  6. To nerf/make it harder for golds or vets....same reason why collisions between players and other player cars outside of ur mission are a thing....a gold/vet could have of mastered everything but in the final stage a car oncoming could of knocked his vehicle over and he now has to leave his four slot max mod patriot vegas...etc for a packer ceresco or knock it back XD. U never know if ur going to win. that is what makes the game more thrilling to play and its the reason players come back to this day. U can only adapt so much.

    Now as the pop. Decreased vets/persons don't have to adapt. So the obstacles are becoming more noticeable...i forgot the name of the effect. And matches are becoming more stereotypical. But if u know u have trigger fingers and ur team mate is aggressive go do the objectives instead u get more points ;). Thanks for reading if u did...its an obvious ans though...sometimes needed.

  7. 1 hour ago, BluSoul said:

    I checked it couple days ago going after my PGL to check how many total kills I needed with Osmaw, but realized it's not up to date and that I needed a lot less kills. So I doubt Firebomb is UTD

    Noted...most things remain same.... the rem. Detonator time to fuse and explode increases with distance when firebomb explodes instantly...thus the longer cooldown time. 

    57 minutes ago, xiphos said:

    the strength of the carbine is its versatility - it can fight mid range opponents in cqc and cqc opponents at mid range, but as a result dedicated weapons will generally outperform it within their range


    its also one of the more difficult to use weapons in the game, so chances are anyone using it well is a level above the average oca m1 spammer

    I Agree.

  8. 1 hour ago, BluSoul said:

    So yeah, it was a waste of 10k Joker Tickets. They need to make that thing like 2k JT. Or buff Ramming Plate. I mean, they threw a 2min timer on it, and yet it doesn;t do enuff damage to be useful. Which makes 0 sense. I bet Remote Explosion is just as useless, isn't it. (With the exception of catching enemies off guard with it.)

    U should check the database next time; apbdb.com. 

  9. 1 hour ago, BluSoul said:

    I dont use hoplite. Lmao, that thing is garbage.

    Lol.... it is an alright gun ...u can get away with 4 shots to kill on the gun cutting down the ttk to 0.63 if u damage the opp. With 20 damage min. First Xd...but i have yet to test it.


    Final guess...its because after u kill ur opp. a next one rushes in with the joker carb. And finishes u.


    Anyways, it looks like they haven't finish the weapon balance and maybe on the fifth stage of the roadmap cars might get worked on. 

  10. 45 minutes ago, Sgt Drayke said:

    @Amayii this is resolved can move it. been in convo with @NEVKE via discord.

       NVc Profile fixed his issues , on rtx3070 game now running max graphics @ 1440FS with fps 100+ , "lag" drops are few between but that's currently normal for all.



    I salute to u sir...:) for all the effort from beginning to the end... i play on a ryzen vega 8 graphics and am happy with the 57 to 60 fps...:) 

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  11. 1 hour ago, BluSoul said:

    The Joker Carbine.

    U...ur serious....out of all the guns u say the joker carbine...i could understand if CJ3 is on it...but then it only has 0.7 ttk, smgs could beat it since it only has 35m range. I have a good feeling u was using a hoplite and lost to the Joker carbine.

  12. On 6/10/2021 at 9:30 AM, Rivona said:

    I toutched car and i dead =D


    U died from tetinus....XD

    I don't think i experienced anything strange....there was that one time when the enemy was one shot. The enemy started running around a vehicle next to him. I started chasing him... i could hear the meme music started playing in my head already. I missed every shot in bloom which is like 0.0001% chance of happening. It was the cr5 and i just joined back apb but a whole mag.


    Second time:

    Another one similar happened....i equipped the nunavut, engaged an enemy and jump to the side....so my opponent  was shooting in front while im to her side moving in sync like legit hugging... i missed every shot in the  damm. mag. at point blank too and it was a good sec. Before my enemy realized and outdid me in reload speed. Ur chances are low but never zero... i guess my bloom piles up.

     LAST ONE: 

    I was tryna shoot an enemy through a gate...pointblank...the opponent fired at me and killed my teammate 3m behind me. Matchended right after...XD


    Honorable mentions:

    Eastereggs; characters talking at specific places....my favourite is at the chinese restaurant in financial. south from a car spawn; the place with the pillars in the middle and opposite to the width of the giant rectangle. Anyways, Jump the fence and go by the window u should hear a Gordon Ramsay ref.


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