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  1. Not really many obviously p2w guns in the game, perhaps some that are overtuned however. Yukon is the first one that comes to mind as a weapon that only comes from real money dollars, and is rather overtuned. HVR-762 needs something to make it less oppressive in open areas - stacking HVRs when you have an objective completely out in the open is very hard to counter. The ATAC is far too forgiving for how capable it is, personally I would adjust the hipfire bloom to make it less of a CQC dominating machine and tailor it for midrange - It shouldn't outclass SMG's at point blank. Low yield grenades are far too forgiving for how many you have and the distance that you can throw them - it doesn't need both a +1 capacity and a range increase over frags, either one or the other. Right now, there is no point to taking fragmentation grenades over low yields once you unlock them. Something could be done about carsurfer + osmaw/volcano users - however I put this one seperately since it's really a combination of things making this into an issue. Combine the torque and speed of a Pioneer, with someone using both a blowtorch for mobile repairs, a resupply box for infinite ammunition, and an explosive launcher to take down anything chasing (perhaps add in a Vegas to push the Pioneer if you really feel like you need to win), and you have yourself an almost unstoppable combination that takes far more coordination to overcome than it does to execute. While each component in itself isn't overpowered, when you use them together it becomes very hard to counter. Perhaps limit yellow deployable mod usage when carsurfing - this would mean the driver at least has to stop for ammunition once in a while. There's probably a lot more that i've forgotten that i could suggest, but these are the most glaringly blatant fixes that I would like to see happen.
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