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  1. nah it's not a small portion of people trying to get in.
  2. of course they are, copying of characters + everyone logging in at once I don't expect there won't be connection issues. The fact people are still trying to login as they are fixing it, is troubling...
  3. then you won't be able to play
  4. yeah he probably figure it would be a easy fix but its not
  5. Servers will be back online by noon PDT. We are fixing a technical issue with the Login servers caused by copying the characters of many players to the Beta. -Matt This the last thing he has said
  6. he hasn't said anything about it being completely fixed
  7. dude they literally said multiple times its being worked on, so of course you can't log in
  8. yes along with everybody and their mom trying to join at the same time
  9. they trying to fix the login and you guys still trying to log in smh
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