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  1. who uses macros in apb? if youre facing a more veteran player, WHO knows the mechanics. youre going to get your butt destroyed. its the beast of the game. you don't get good over night. if that's what youre expecting in apb. go play CoD or something dude.
  2. don't give this pleb any thought who started this topic. all she does is complain about good players that hand her the pipe.
  3. they cant do that. cause if they do. everyone will complain when it doesn't happen.
  4. you want to know something funny? and dare I ever fucking say this. The Kek and his crew are all friends and are all good. and they enjoy the game and stream it. because it is a game they enjoy to have fun in with a group of friends who are good. and if you don't want to be at the top that's fine. just don't fuzzy bunny or complain about someone being better than you if you aren't going to put in the effort like other players have. and wow they wont let me say the female dog word.
  5. believe what you want to believe. and this is why you will remain in the bottom. and stay at the bottom. till you acknowledge and grow.
  6. umm, when apb reloaded got relaunched, and gold was full, silver was full, and so was bronze. and I never really ventured into bronze. I was mainly in silver. so I did run into golds a lot. I got stomped a lot. but I got better. it didn't happen over night. or in a couple of days. if you want an easy mode game go play Farmville. but you have to put in some effort if you want to get good at the game. and as much as players like to say "oh I hardly put in effort to fight people" its true depending on the player you fight. but there are some games you run into where you have to try if you want to have somewhat a chance at winning. I don't go into every game thinking that my fellow golds have a cheating mechanism. which most don't they just know the mechanics and know how to use them well. as well as when you play the game long enough, you eventually get to predict what most apb players do. which is quite honestly easy since most of the pop do this. not to mention whenever you play in certain areas there are only so many avenues of attack. but to answer your question. yes I got stomped plenty. plenty of times did I rage. plenty of times did I take breaks from apb. but I do enjoy the game. I do enjoy the community. you just have to have steel skin and be able to accept you aren't as good as you think you are and grow.
  7. I remember when I was growing up in apb. I got stomped daily by golds. and then I just got gud. which a lot of players don't get is. stop complaining and just get better. instead of hiding behind a district wall to protect you.
  8. this feels like that scene from avatar the last air bender where they cause a riot in the prison just by one guy picking up another and shouting riot.
  9. damn, I was actually in the mood for once to play apb. guess ill just buy sunset overdrive and play that until it comes back up.
  10. lol, im loving it how the keyboard warriors come out to defend, and act like G1 never rolled over your corpses. yes you are right I should wait, but he literally said its "3/4ths" done, so you saying I should wait read a book. and that I'm a kid. no it means I'm a consumer and not pleased with the service that is currently being provided, and since this is a free forum for me to grip and talk about what is obviously going on. then yes I will post about this because I simply do care about how other players get to have an unfair advantage over the players who do spend time and possibly money on the game. its like spitting in our faces. so yes im going to grip im going to complain until something is done. and I do agree GMs should be standing by for blatant cheaters. and its mainly the blatants that aren't getting banned.
  11. since CEO Mathew scott, came out and said FF was offline. hackers have been on a rise on reroll accounts, and literally I can't even stand playing in district now. because we have to wait on a patch (which can be an empty promise just like G1 gave us) for battle eye. which he said but didn't give a date. and he also said its 3/4ths done. 3/4ths done should have been done yesterday in all honesty. I went back to back with a group of cheaters, which im about to start recording video for. because this is stupid. that LO is trying to take up a non kids game and see if they can handle it. which quiet frankly they are doing. and pardon my French. to do anything about, so the reason im typing this dumb poll. is to get LO's attention and that they need to address this shit, and now. and I know the community is gonna say "wait for battle eye" like the trolls they are. but I want to play my game now and enjoy my experience not wait for a patch that has no due date for it to be put into game. and a possibility of a false word from a CEO who may be feeding us bullshoot. because I don't know about the rest of the community but I got promised stuff before, and it hasn't come through. so unless your title name is Digital extremes, I have no faith in you what so ever till proven wrong. anyway now that my ranting anger is out of the way. Little Orbit address the game you happen to jump head first into hell to get. and fix the damn game. cause this is stupid.
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