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  1. Well, moment ago Citadel had nearly 700ms and disconnects started. Hope it will be sorted out soon.
  2. From what I recall, in 2011 there was a normal tutorial district on financial where only trainees could join. Missions there were non opposed, so it was possible to figure out at own pace how objectives etc work. I think it was better than the current tutorial. Current tutorial is bit like a wall of text and I think people would mostly prefer to learn by actually playing than reading all of it. I think it could be at least a bit better if old tutorial was here in place of current one (maybe improved a bit in some way). Propably only good thing currently is that new players can choose 1 permanent non slotted weapon. Right now the only way for them to play that kind of non opposed missions would be to make at least a group of 2 (otherwise mission won't even start cause of team alliance option), and then try to join some empty district and press K.
  3. I've noticed same issue yesterday when playing FC. Had to kill 5 enemies using secondary and after few kills with FBW I noticed that counter is still at 0, counter in roles also didn't change. Simply changing secondary fixed the issue, but I guess it's bound to happen again sometime.
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