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  1. Hello Wastelanders, another event will start on Friday 27th July 2018, gathering team around 19.00 CET (around 1 pm EST) - right after maintenance. Location will be specified at Global channel but usually it's south of Foothills in Deadfall or northwest of Rock Bottom in Terminal Woods. Last event was 6h long and it was again really fun. See you in Wasteland Luka
  2. Thank you very much for posting current State of the Game Matthew, it's very much appreciated.
  3. Hello Wastelanders, there is another invitation to Scavenger Bosses/GORE Bosses/Crafting party. Event contains usually challenge to kill GORE Bosses (if there is small team only) or Scavenger Bosses (raid with more players, each boss has approx 30% chance to drop key and 100% drop of random type of General book, players roll for that prizes) and also giveaways and instacraft tables for team crafting (donation of instacraft tables or items for giveaways are accepted if you want to contribute to event). Due to high level of bosses is event recommended for players on level 40+ but everyone is welcome including GameMasters of course. Rules how to kill bosses are on Fallen Earth wiki and this will be also always explained at event itself. Event will start on Saturday 30th June 2018, gathering team around 17.00 CET (around 11 am EST), location will be specified at Global channel but usually it's south of Foothills in Deadfall. Last event was 6h long and it was really fun, lot of players came. Video captured at older party is available here. (Thanks to Twisted Bazza for sharing) See you in Wasteland Luka
  4. My idea about getting a split option back without scare of dupping is - do split option without need of dragging items. It should work like this: by right mouse button click on stack of items, select split and amount as before (like 5/60) and then splitted amount would appear immediately in inventory (5 pcs). As I know just the need of drag items causes dupping either it's targeted or caused by lag of server.
  5. Very nice design of new forum, I like it.
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