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  1. I would never not check in. This is home (digitally) for me, and I can't wait to have a playable port again.
  2. I agree with that, the whole team was a drama infused, unfaithful, creeky geared, broken chain, handlebars made out of toothpicks from a ghetto corn dog in their nature and they needed to get out of our hair at some point.
  3. I would say that it wouldn't kill Fallen Earth to have players as GMs, but there's already an issue there because of the fact that some people are going to be approved that are utter trolls, that are simply toxic and rude and biased against certain individuals. Last thing we need is some stupid take over the world mission, especially with the amount of people that have a grudge still. I want to be a GM, because I know a ton about the game, but I don't really socialize with people much, up until now of course, so I haven't generated an opinion on anyone's behavior quite yet. "There's help of some kind, whenever you ask, wherever you are, I got 'cha, even if it means teaching you something the hard way that you would have failed without" - Figment
  4. The person who was on the rampage was Tiggs, and it was my opinion that that is why they thankfully removed her from a position of community leadership.
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