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  1. The Reward points are disabled and will not be coming back.
  2. Servers are back online.
  3. Hello everyone, We will be taking the servers down for emergency maintenance in order to address a couple of issues that have popped up. Thank you.
  4. During Monday Maintenance we will be removing Valentine's event. We hope everyone had fun!
  5. Reward Points as well as Reward Merchants are now disabled in the game. We are still deciding how to go forward with the items that were purchasable with RP points. Thank you.
  6. Servers are back online.
  7. Hello, Our technician is checking issues that are currently happening on Fallen Earth. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  8. There was a small issue with login servers that is fixed now.
  9. Servers are back online!
  10. Hello, We will be restarting servers 9AM (UTC). Expected downtime is one hour. Thank you!
  11. Servers are back online.
  12. Hello, We are going to restart the servers to fix the issues that are happening in Stronghold.
  13. Hello everyone, A lot of you have been asking for this and today it was finally re-enabled. Fallen Earth Classic is downloadable via Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/113420/Fallen_Earth_Classic/
  14. Hello, We will be restarting servers 9AM (UTC). Expected downtime is one hour. Thank you!
  15. Hello everyone! The regular maintenance for Fallen Earth will be performed on Friday (02/18) at 9AM (UTC). It is expected to last for two hours. We thank you for your patience during this period!
  16. Servers are back up.
  17. Servers going down for reset again.
  18. Servers are back up.
  19. We are doing another server restart.
  20. Servers are back up!
  21. Heya everyone, We will be doing a server restart to clear up lag. The servers will be right back up. Thanks
  22. Servers are back online! Thank you for your patience!
  23. Servers are back online! While the servers were down we took this as an opportunity to add some items to the game! You will now be able to purchase wardrobe slot unlock item from merchant Artie Postatalo in Embry Crossroads, Watchtower, New Flagstaff, Trader's Flat, Los Alamos, or Shackleton. The item will be sold for 16b chips and will not be tradable. We also applied some fixes to the valentines day box, removed items that were not supposed to be there, and added correct items in. Thank you for being patient and see you in-game!
  24. Sorry for vanishing here, I got kicked off forums and couldn't log back in. ^^ Thank you @KDRefugee for all the help
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