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  1. You are right, but it's obvious that shotguns are intended to be played by a little rat, it's even suggested in one of the "helpful texts" in the loading screen. Personally I don't like the map design of Asylum, there is too much unnecessary little shit to block your shots even if your aim is completely on the enemy. Like you said, it's intended to rush with SMGs, which makes them practically defenseless/(useless) against shotguns, as you get hit with a 68 damage in your face with ONE shot. Exactly because shotguns are so easy to play and have a huge advantage to other guns, they should be nerfed. I bet that even if the JG is a 3-STK, it's still on the same level as a SMG even without a corner. My suggestion would be to SLIGHTLY decrease the movement speed with JG if it's shot, and to make it a 3-STK. Shotgun isn't my playstyle, it's too disgusting to be a rat and it's really boring. And suggesting playing like these monkeys is the only way to have a chance against it instead of just properly nerfing it, just isn't right.
  2. The changes are alright. But one question, do SPCT play fightclub, or like.. at all? How couldn't you nerf JG/CSG? It's literally cancer in fightclub, it's basically a OP gun for every monkey without aim. Like many others who play only fightclub IF they play APB cuz missions either suck or it's too laggy/bad fps, I cba to play and be completely overpowered by a JG even if this monkey misses a lot of shots. Not only are corners fucking ridiculous where you can't hit someone properly, but this gun overpowers every other gun in a CQC fight (which is nearly everywhere in Asylum with corners). JG (CSG too but less than JG) is the complete epitome of having a skillless gun. Even the OP PMG wasn't so fucking dominant in a CQC fight like this cancer JG is rn. Now I need to wait months again, till you decide to hopefully nerf this already. And please, don't nerf it "indirectly" like last time, where OCA would be a "counter" to JG, it's stupid.
  3. true.. some of us are demons who casually shit on people
  4. Are you still talking about APB?? I don't see a lot of people playing Shaw? Which would make the missions a lot more exciting tbh. Does something like TTK even mean in (I guess bronze) anything?? "Better teamplay, more and high quality missions" isn't new content, it's better gameplay, which they already try to fix with the new patches. Something like "weather" can wait a long time in APB, and then I don't even know, if it's suitable for APB. Small steps buddy. We are barely making it to 3.5, you need to start thinking realistic.
  5. Maybe you have a different experience than me playing with OBIR or Obeya. You are right in saying that both of them have equal range, though the Obeya gets more inaccurate the faster you shoot with it, at long ranges (80-100m) it's very noticeable. The OBIR doesn't have the problem. Obeya is more suitable for tracking, OBIR for "flicking". In my experience, I outgunned a good Obeya player with OBIR at long range, but was at disadvantage at mid range. But it's not the topic of this thread so I guess, further discussion is not convenient.
  6. My mistake, I forgot to say in what range the NTEC should outmatch both the OBIR and Obeya CR762, I edited it.
  7. Just for the sake of it, I read it twice again with my third eye, analyzed it, and come to the conclusion, that it's still a useless ranting thread, again. To break it down: "You nerfed the shit out of this game, no wonder we're having new low population records" If people want to leave just because their favourite gun was nerfed (because it was OVERperforming, and they can't stay gold anymore), it's fine by me, you can't please everyone, especially not those who don't understand balance and can't adapt to changes (btw. it's a skill). But as it stands, I doubt the game is experiencing the loss of people playing it, because of the nerfs. I would say, it's more the nature of the community, and gameplay of the game. The first LO can't change, the latter they are trying to, by working on the new engine. "this is something way out of your reach as a game that has a long lethal history of imminent death." I asked myself that earlier, what if a much bigger company bought APB, they would've more staff so the engine wouldn't need so long to be ready. But from the other side, other companies probably wouldn't have implemented the Joker Store, and make items in this game much more accessible for f2p players. Either way, they would've worked on the same things LO does. "It is sad to see your self destroying solutions as its something normal." Here comes the third time I'm telling this, what solutions? Look, because you didn't (couldn't) formulate your thoughts correctly, one can only imagine what solutions you are talking about. "We are not your friends, never was or will be, we are your worst enemies, yet here you are listening to us" First part - dumb. "its yellow in cooperation with the devs" Yes, it wouldn't be wise to listen to silvers, bronzes, greens, would it? The SPCT consists of players (who are better than average) with around ten thousand hours gameplay, and a good understanding of the nature of the game. So in comparison to silvers, bronzes, greens, they know what guns should be able to do and what not. Maybe you misunderstand the whole "nerf" of guns, the point is not to destroy or unplayable the weapons you don't like (as a SPCT), it's to create a balance between guns. All the weapons which were nerfed, are still playable, they just can't do nearly everything better than other guns which should dominate those, say in range. For example, the OBIR (nerfed) is better at long ranges than the Obeya CR762, but the Obeya CR762, is better at mid-long ranges than the OBIR, both are outmatched by the NTEC-5 at close-mid range *edit. Can you follow this thought? Yes, LO is asking for the advice of experienced, good players, because they don't understand the nature of APB, since it's kinda special. But what company would from the start? "In the end, yellows win, silvers leave" Sadly yes, but what you are implying, that it's LO's fault, is wrong. "Yellows" - Golds stay, because they done it already more than years. They are mostly veterans and have more than enough experience with the toxicity of the community, bad performance of the game, or the meta of the guns. Silvers or lower leave, because right now the game doesn't have a good starting experience for beginners. That's mostly due to matchmaking and a bad tutorial (and maybe the community). "nobody ever listens to them cuz of the lower skill on paper" -> "cuz without silvers, there is no chance for bronze to ever understand this game at all" Same with silvers and golds. And I doubt that most of the silvers actually understand the game at all (including you). So why should we listen to silvers who don't really know, what the game needs, as they either don't have the experience (for example, of what can be done, and what not) or the understanding of the game. The more skill you have, the higher your threat is? What's your point? Silvers are silvers because they dethreat, or just don't have the skill to compete with golds. "its never about the pro's to bring new ppl in" The pro's already have brought all their new people in. And even then I would have disagreed. Look at other games, and how many players are playing this game, because one pro decides to stream it. "By the way... constructive criticism is an overrated way of expressing yourselves, everybody uses just that. What happened to the diversity part? Or perhaps should we all be generic clones of each other for the sake of what exactly?" It's more underrated than overrated. LO explicitly asks for constructive criticism, because there are more people who just rant about the changes, without giving them the information why they dislike them. So if you want diversity, you know what you gotta do. Either way, tell me how much more useful is your type of thread, instead of giving them an informative opinion, why you don't like the new changes or the direction, so they have a chance to consider, think and discuss about it. Truth is subjective. Maybe you will understand some day.
  8. @Sakebee Why didn't you guys put the "Patched Fashion Jeans" in the JT Store but the "Waistcoat and Tie Shirt"? Unfortunately these pants are the only ones who really work well with the classy shirt
  9. It's literally nothing about "some could dislike the way he said it", it's about him ranting without even giving information, why he's disliking (I guess) the new patch. Opening a thread to rant about the patch is honestly just useless, as it doesn't give the other players (maybe SPCT) a discussion field to even consider his thoughts. You can't say "there is some truth about how the game has been turning in the same direction that seems to made it sink more than it already was", because there is no "truth" to be taken from, as there is no information, if his feelings are justified or not. Again, if it's such a horrible direction, may you enlighten us to know which it is? Just "feeling" it's a wrong direction isn't a qualified opinion, you at least must know why it's a wrong direction.
  10. Might be because I "kindly" advise my gold teammates to go to bronze
  11. Why don't people understand how to give constructive criticism, instead of just ranting on how shit everything is. A whole lot people would listen more to a well thought out critic, instead of something baseless like this. And tbh, a lot silvers can't do it, as they don't understand how powerful a weapon really is, and it's especially noticeable at high skill matchups. I don't really understand the people who are saying "we don't have to nerf everything! just get gud" - do you not understand the term "balance"? The weapons which were nerfed were OVERperforming, OUTDOING, many other weapons, by just having better stats, that's why there is something like "balancing" the weapons, so others have an equal chance to fight against them. Through this, we get closer to actually having skill to be able to play good, so your thread just gives me the impression, that you are one of the mindless butthurt Ursus/Pmg/Obir players, who don't want their OP guns nerfed, as that means they have to actually aim and think to get kills (or stay gold).
  12. Super excited to see the new changes in live. It's literally nearly everything we asked for. And don't listen to these silvers. I literally cheered. Thanks for this patch.
  13. Since there is no confirmation that the game is having heavy latency issues again and they're working on it, I wanted to ask, if first of all, LO is aware of it, secondly that i'm not "the only one" who has absolutely unplayable latency right now. I did already sent my latency logs file (with a test), but as mentioned before, there is no confirmation that it's a server issue or they fucked up the last patch (again). Hell, if this goes on, I would suggest you unpatch the "Mission Impossible Patch", for the sake of having at least playable latency.
  14. Glad to hear it! Could Open Beta testers get a title tho.. for swagness
  15. I would love to see "basic" weapons and not their reskins in the Joker Store, like the OCA, Obeya, Carbine, N-Tec. It's merely a request of adding weapons, which already exist in the Joker Store. Maybe i'm too picky but I just don't like the look and/or sound of these reskins, so I don't want to use them because of it. I hope some can relate to it, as there are some weapons, which are practically good, but ugly and sound weird, so you don't use them. As the Joker Store plans to expand, I would guess, that they will gain more power/connections and have the ability to bring such weapons (hopefully clothing aswell) soon to their store .
  16. yJung

    start balancing again?

    I have to disagree. I see no sense in having the N-Tec be completely inaccurate when hipfired, if there is the Obeya CR762, which has nearly perfect accuracy in marksman mode and hipfire. Even if compared to other AR's, like STAR and the FAR, the N-Tec right now has miserable hipfire accuracy. Yes, the STAR and FAR compensate it with slightly reduced effective range, but it doesn't justify giving the N-Tec absolutely no accuracy when hipfired.
  17. yJung

    start balancing again?

    There are many scenarios, where you have to quickly change weapons and have an enemy really close to you, at this range it is normally wiser to shoot him in non-marksman mode, as it is hard to track the enemy (especially for low sens players), or you dont even have time to right click and then shoot. Nevertheless, a gun shouldn't be completely useless, if you aren't shooting it in marksman, it should have at least some accuracy, which is impossible, if the bloom makes the N-TEC shoot just in all directions except where you are aiming at. So I really can't see, how your contribution is useful.
  18. I know all changes to the game are currently on a halt to focus purely on the release of the engine upgrade. But i think it would be better, if we could see a little more balance at least on the guns again. My take away from the Open Beta was, that the engine upgrade isn't coming any soon (I don't expect it any sooner than next year). This being said, I understand that the EU has the most priority, but for me it's frustrating to know, that the current meta won't change for months. Suggestions on which guns would need a balance (improvements or other suggestions are very welcomed): PMG: The current strongest SMG in the game, way too strong in all areas. OCA was the choice to counter the PMG, but as the OCA was nerfed, PMG is unchallenged. It's range makes it even scarier. Reduce the effective range (+ some detailed adjustments from the veterans, which doesn't make it non-usable, but remains a challenge to an OCA as example). QS JG-Snub: I don't want to step on the foot of the JG-Snubbers here, but it's a broken thing to be able to do. The quick switch from JG to the secondary is way too fast, faster than it should be possible. Keep the mechanic of the QS, idc, but the TTK time of this shouldn't be really this fast. Make the equip time slightly longer. N-TEC 5/ 'Ursus': The reason of N-TEC's nerf was, that it was too versatile. The jump-shooting was nerfed and it's accuracy while doing it, which is fine, but one mistake was made. In my view, the N-TEC 5 needs only one adjustment - reduce the bloom. The bloom of it, has become ridiculously high and fast, which makes it in close range unusable. In my experience, I couldn't even hit a shot (in non-marksman mode) at an enemy, who was merely 3 meters away (yes, maybe I just suck, but I think many players experienced it too). 'Ursus' is probably the easiest mid-long range gun in the game, way too much damage and accuracy, even though you don't have to control it. Even if it would be a 6 STK (which isn't a suggestion), it would be still very strong. (I would leave the adjustments to the vets). Norsemen: I don't have any of them, so I can't really suggest something, I don't know anything about. But I saw a couple of threads from people, who want to make them more viable.
  19. I know it's kinda weird to talk about the Shotguns since they were just recently "adjusted", but as I try to play with them, I can't get over this feeling that they are just in a wrong place. In my opinion they are really unreliable. I compared the Joker TAS20 PR1 (with Improved Rifling 3) and a JG with Improved Rifling 3. Honestly, they are both unreliable but TAS is just horrible. Even if you hit your shots, if the enemy is more than around 7m away from you, it will just make no damage. TAS feels and plays wrong, can't even properly corner camp with it, even though it's one of the strong point of Shotguns. Idk if it's due to ghostshots but i had many fights, with JG, when I had to hit 6 whole body shots to kill one guy within 7m range. I can't be the only one to see it, can I?
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