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  1. I like that now you have to choose between CJ3 and IR3 on SMG's. Did someone already try it out?
  2. I get your point and also partly agree but let me repeat mine. I was just saying that you cannot compare the JG and CSG by the percentage of pellets need to hit for a kill. If the JG would have a spread of 500m(exaggerated) at 10m range the weapon would be the worst weapon available. Still it would need 66% of the pellets to hit for a kill. Do you see what I mean? The percentages you mentioned in your earlier posts are not a valid indicator.
  3. Sir, you cannot compare an automatic shotgun with high firerate with the JG. The only valid option for a comparison is the CSG. And as you mentioned it has a spread of 0,85m which a little bit more than the half of JG's spread. So it is just natural that JG need less pellets to hit for a kill. Let's do a weird comparison with any non-shotgun weapon. They have a spread of 0m (just a single projectile) and need 100% hit (yes I know there is only 100% or 0%) to do damage. You see where it goes? If there would be a shotgun with a spread of 3m it would probably only need 30%(just a random number below 66) of pellets to hit to do kill. I'm not saying CSG should not be buffed, just saying it does not make any sense to compare percentages of pellets need to hit for a kill due to different spread. Have a nice day Edit: What I always wanted to know: It is obvious that the JG is better than the CSG in hug range due to the higher damage and spread has barely impact at hug range. CSG becomes better with every meter more distance. Did someone calculate at which distance the break even point is? So at which distance both shotguns perform identical and every meter more distance the CSG outperforms JG more? Thanks in advance if somebody knows
  4. It is true that a min ttk kill is easier with JG, but it is also more risk involved. If you miss one of the first two shots and need a third one your ttk will be a lot higher than smg's ttk. Missing shots with smg is more forgiving. Not saying JG should be buffed, it is fine right now in my opinion
  5. You cannot compare percentages of pellets need to hit because of the different spread you mentioned.
  6. I just watched the first two games and I really like it. Would love to see a video of all highlights! There are some great moments captured
  7. If you can't implement a rotation, you could maybe just switch it with the weekly maintenance. Ofc only if it's the workload of a single click.
  8. Maybe it's only frustrating and boring for veterans. I'm relatively new to the game and the last offered Gun Game was my first one. I really liked to play with different weapons I don't own. Ofc it was luck-based but it was still fun for me and it was a nice variety to missions/FC
  9. Can someone explain "rebuying permanent weapons" to me? I don't get it. Thanks
  10. Red crosshair will get removed with engine upgrade, won't it? I couldn't see it at the beta stream. But I'm not sure. Maybe someone can confirm it
  11. Today I played Gun Game for the first time. For me it was fun and I had no huge performance issues. And as a relative beginner the JT felt rewarding. Thanks
  12. Apbdb says 0,48 fire interval and Joker Madness Patch notes says 0,42 Or do I miss something?
  13. I would really like to see a "Tracking (Weapon) Balance" Thread. It took me some time to find the latest shotgun stats, so I thought this would be an easy to implement solution. Yes ofc you can see the stats on the database website but for example the fire rate of Shredder is wrong. (99% is correct I know) Have a nice day
  14. Yes, agree on that. But I'm still hoping noone is going to pay 300$ for an ingame skin
  15. In which world is a skin bought with real money P2W? maybe it sucks for people who farmed 30k JT for the crown but it is definitely not P2W
  16. My main point wasn't that I want more JT or any resulting free stuff. With my record I wanted to show that Pre-March JTs from Mission District do not have any impact at all. So a reversion to Pre-March would practically equal a deletion. Where is the point in having a useless game feature? How they value it is not my part. Not saying the average should be 5, 10 or whatever. Just saying it should have any positive impact. Imo less than 1 JT per mission fells non-existent. Pre March, it was more like a consumable blocker.
  17. 6% of infected people in Italy died. Is this a regular flu for you? Ofc we should not panic but please tell me you are trolling
  18. Thanks for sharing! We'll have to wait and see.
  19. Oh no ofc not haha. Just saying that pre March the JT from Mission Districts are practically not existent. Why should they revert it to a senseless game feature? They should have some kind of impact as a secondary source of JT. Main source is still Fight Club.
  20. "This March, get ready for a little mayhem. Starting with our March 4th patch, we will be granting triple Joker Ticket rewards in Action Districts." Do I understand this sentence correctly that they revert it in April? With currently 2000 missions needed for an 3 slot JT weapon, a reversion to pre March with 12000 missions needed would completely negate any impact of JT in Mission District. Imo you could at least leave the increased amount or increased chance(which sadly would be in conflict with consumables).
  21. Hey, when I heard about Joker ticket chance in mission district is doubled and the amount is tripled, I got really excited. After approximately 50 games I got the feeling that I mostly received 3 Joker tickets and haven't received more than 9 yet. Because I could have been biased, I started to record my rewards. This is the result of 54 missions (Amount of JT - Count): 0 - 12 3 - 18 6 - 15 9 - 5 15 - 3 30 - 1 I got 264 JT in 54 missions which is an average of ~ 4,9. This is a little bit disappointing and doesn't feel like Madness But it's fine because apparently Fight Club supposed to be the main source of JT. But if the changes get reverted in April (correct me if I'm wrong), it feels kinda needless. Did someone of you record his/her rewards? Or what is your impression of JT in March? I know an amount of 54 missions is not representative. Maybe I'll update it in the future. Last but not least I'd love to see some math about JT from LO
  22. Didn't play when the New Glory was released, but as far as I know it wasn't op back then. And now it isn't op as well?
  23. How are joker tickets calculated or is it random? And if it's random the probability of the amount you get is not evenly distributed, is it? Played for a few hours and didn't get more than 9 joker tickets. But maybe it's only bad luck Would love to get some information on that. Thanks
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