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  1. or just stop trying to put your own awful "LO" changes and put them back to how they were and call it a day.
  2. Ok. Stop there. Shotguns were perfectly balanced before you messed them up repeatedly.
  3. The 2017 shotguns are seriously perfect. Stop fucking with them and slowing down the CSG. Just put the ORIGINAL 2017 PRE-LO SHOTGUNS BACK. Jesus Christ.
  4. The problem with bringing back threated districts is NA players will no longer be able to play in Waterfront and be stuck on their contacts and the game will also not be playable at late/ early hours as we can barely get a 15-15 district at 5 AM EST or so on weekdays. It sucks not being able to play a game anytime you want in 2020. Some people have weird hours or are from other countries and can only play at those times. If you guys bring back threat segregation, I would suggest making it population based. If current playerbase total is over a certain amount, force segregation. Once the average hits under a certain number, remove it. This would make it possible to play at any hour of the day.
  5. Pre-LO 2017/ early 2018 shotguns were the most balanced shotguns APB has ever had. I am speaking of the JG, CSG, and N-fas. Even the DOW was fine really, though the current one doesn't feel super broken like the n-fas. The stats you posted are the ones we need. I have tested with friends in scrims. It is great. Please put this change into the live game as soon as possible. Please don't continue trying to fix things that aren't broken because of whiney players. Yes, shotguns are better than SMGs up close. That is the point. They have incredibly low accuracy at medium range compared to SMGs and start to lose the fight around 10-15 meters. 2017 CQC weapon class as a whole was exactly where it needs to be. In fact, all of the changes you guys have made at LO have been terrible. You continuously try to balance weapons that are already perfectly balanced (Oca, Ursus, now the regular n-tec). The RFP was a bit broken but you destroyed the gun by raising its TTK to an unusal amount. The only thing ever wrong with the RFP was the accuracy recovery after sprinting, which was to counter sprint shooting before they actually removed sprint shooting from the game. All you had to do for that weapon was fix the accuracy recovery. Its the way you messed with the dropoff range that broke it. It should have stayed 30 meters. Stop tweaking things that are balanced. Early 2018 or so APB was the most balanced the game has ever been in terms of weapons. Don't you guys see your numerous changes have begun to ruin that? Slowly look at weapons that are underused and bring them up, don't keep nerfing everything. Ntec, ursus, star, pmg, oca, jg, csg, nfas, scout, obir, obeya, oscar, fbw, 45, shaw, alig, were all balanced just fine at the beginning of 2018. Yes, guns like the cobra and the carbine could use a little bit of love. Leave the rest as they were in 2018 and slowly focus on bringing up weapons that need love with LOTS OF THOROUGH testing. Instead you guys mega-buffed the n-fas to be incredibly broken and have left it that way for over a year. That is not the right approach. IMO you guys should revert everything back to early 2018 and for the most part, leave it alone. If you want to give VERY subtle buffs to underused weapons that is perfectly fine but don't immediately start adjusting TTKs and overhauling weapons that don't even need it. Its not like you're losing any progress because all you've done is make the gun balance much worse than it ever was. Learn from your mistakes and do it right this time. You could even do gun tests in FC for a week or two at a time, do community polls (OSRS does this), and let those votes determine if the test makes it into the game permanently. Reverting the Oca buff and now shotguns is the right decision. Please do that, but also revert some of your other changes as well.
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