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  1. Logitech G Pro Wireless with Corepad Skatez. Previously: Glorious Model O Zowie Divina EC2-B, Steelseries Rival 310 Logitech G305 Steelseries Rival 600 Zowie EC2-A Razer Deathadder Elite ASUS Strix Claw
  2. So, just a brief introduction. My name is Marcell. I'm 20 and I'm from Hungary. I've been playing this game on and off, some people may view me as average or below that but I've had moments to shine and if I really try my best I can match even the most skilled players. I just started playing on my criminal character and I'm currently looking for a few people or a commumity that is oriented towards highly skilled gameplay. Feel free to test me through missions or even 1 on 1 matches. My enforcer is Obanai, R255 (formerly mrcxll). I just started playing crim, so it is only R48 and called Hyote.
  3. I definitely approve of adding 1 or even 2 new threat levels. I think it would bring back lots of players and take the game to another level in terms of being competitive. Many gold threat level players have a huge skill gap between each other, going from "fake golds" who just got out of silver luckily to anyone who beats these guys without even taking damage from them. This is a great idea, which could change the variety of the entire game and balance it after the chaos that the no threat segregation districts cause.
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