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  1. I was truly hoping to see the instacraft 9001 tables added to this list. I know I have heard a lot of ppl mention it in Global since I've been back.
  2. Well at least there could be some release of information regarding the games issue/status? I mean sheesh I love the gift and by no means am whining too hard but golly at least patch it up with some stability fixes. I mean would you give someone a broken gift??
  3. So excited for the reboot.... I already have half a dozen friends that want to sign up when its on-lined. Thank you new devs for all your hard work and dedication to this project and merry Christmas from Canada
  4. Hi there. I used to play this game a lot in fact still own game currency and I'm so sorry I missed the last day event as I've been dealing with some health issues and stopped playing for quite a while. Maybe my e-mail could be added so I could receive info regarding the games revival. I want to thank the new CEO for all the effort he and his team has put in so far ( I read the blog) and I want to mention how exciting it would be to see this game get a re-boot. If there is anything I could do besides give moral support or if u have any questions about my gaming experience in FE, please let me know and I'd be happy to help. I do truly love this game and it would be so cool to be a part of its regeneration no matter how small. ---- Zan
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