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  1. Long story short, why don't we turn this into some good (while ignoring trolls anywho), and just post our opinion on two weeks micro updates instead of one raw dump. I believe ur voice counts here, so...I'd be glad if anyone on the team finds 1 hour each two weeks to get out of the loop and post us some new shots)
  2. Just ignore the troll, no one listens to this 4 year olds and their temper tantrum anywho)
  3. On the other hand I'm personally pretty fascinated by another fact: Every time a new thread is started, someone goes with "delete all items" or whatever, despite the official reply "nothing will be deleted", and then a bunch of pps began to talk about wipe or something, like its some "thing", even though there's no "thing". Now that's weird) Obvi, my point bein, is that I'm seeing a bunch talking about some non-existing illusions like some chatbots, despite the fact that forum is a place to share opinions, and I'm talking about a bunch of pixels on a screen) Seems to me like a work of some lightbright or All-Mind)
  4. You can have a fresh start, by creating new acc. Simple, effective. And on top of that, u will not impose your will on other players. I for one, not losing my stuff cz of ur wishes)
  5. Four Leaf Cloner is not working, yes, due to skill bein deleted from dodge. Mind Trick Gold Medalist Behind You! Not Just A River In Egypt Take Their Breath Away Stay Away From My Gas Tank Steamroller all works fine. Last lvl of No Pain No Gain is glitched, sort of. Count stops for that skill, cause no achieve for some reason at all) Not in the game ach window anyway, it is in Steam stat just fine. Reputation part: they all work fine, just no quests for 55 lvl to complete it, so idk if there's a point to actually del this, instead of fixin shit. Riders - last rep quest in Repository, capped at 45 lvl, after that not availible. Working fine though. Mine stuck at 75k+ after Alpha. Shiva - quest capped at 30k rep, hence the achieve is fckd, unless u farm 10k of shivas in DF, considering u got a 3month prem buff for +2 per kill, instead of +1. Raisin cap solves the problem, no? Either lower it for achieve to 30, simpler even. Bankers - biggest one yet. The only working for 55 lvl char quest is in Oasis, and req to farm local monsters for rare items, that drops shitty, and u can't buy em anywhere. Already told ya. Kind Of A "Bas-ta-rd" Catch Me If You Can You're The Man Now and Clone M.D. on top that r not working, yes. Better fixin though. Northern Exposure works fine, its just Monkey Business unobtainible. Del it from it, and it will be ok. Last Down to a Science, yeah...well, u can always change items in the list. Survival of the Well-Stocked, 3 lvls of it, unobtainible, even though u just have to place camps for it. Not working. On top of that its hidden, and visible only in global stat.
  6. Not much of the activity here...Hiya Drake) I'd like... Xmas Fancy Gloves Impure Volatile Chemicals x 20 Nanite Conversion Kit x 2 Average Mutagenic Enhancer x 5 Salvaged Carbon Steel x 100 ...if possible. Thanks in advance) P.S. - No rules bout asking for more than one thing I hope?
  7. If any of the items that should stack, doesn't...then u just sell them all to any vendor, and buy back. They should stack in 1 slot. It's ez.
  8. Why dont u play some BR then? This game is something waaaaaay different. Play whichever way u want to, find some RP players to do all that stuff, but dont decide for all the players, unless u bought this game)
  9. It might not be the proper place for it, but even if u dont care Luka, i want u and other Hazmats to know this - u earned that green colored clan name and ability to call urselfs Hazmats for all the stuff and time u went thru doin ur job. They should have left all of u at least that "Honor Badge". from all of us.
  10. I guess Easter is on hold cause of this migration on the radar, it might be activated afterwards.
  11. Meh, i've been following diff games news and announcements, just projects im interested into, and one mmo a year or so ago, had an official *14 days* transfer period, before some new patch/addon release. And guess what. Shit happened, and they took 3 extra days at least in the end to fix that bs, if my memory serves me well. This couple of days is still nothing compared to that, so who cares. Migration is a process, when same kind of bs always happens, and take 2-3 days of your life. Be grateful to Allfather, u r not the one to clean that crap)
  12. I didnt tried to open my boxes from First Night yet, so i cannot be sure if its possible, or not, to have all the hats from them, but...since im not gonna do it on multiple chars (if i had any at the first place, cept storage toons), and if the drop chance is bs actually, did it ever occured to u, that its better to change the quests, by giving boxes in reward for doin it more then once? If ur concern, for whatever the reason, is AH or anything else at all, just make em attuned to the char, the very moment u get it out of the box (or non-tradable simply), and thats it. Its not a suggestions part of forum, but, its faster this way i guess.
  13. Since im playing with some hiatus here and there, i can't recall everything sometimes. And this time, i found only 1 repeatable quest for bankers rep, which is in Oasis. It's useful for achievement hunters mostly i guess, since u can't earn 180k rep thru the game. Problem is, it requires to gather unique mats from local nodes and lizards. And drop rate from darn lizards is...not very good, lets say. Each quest gives only +100 rep, which makes whole process a pain in the...pain train for weeks i guess. My simple suggestion is this: 1st) Either change repeatable quest mats requirement from unique mats to common one. U can buy usual lizard hide and weak geo chem all around. Or... 2nd) Add this bs mats to local Oasis vendors for price of original mats, since this is their substitute anyway. 3rd) Worst case scenario - change req amount of mats from 5 and 10 to 1 and 1. It'll simplify the process drastically. Either way it takes less then an hour to change it, even by the worst case scenario. Thanks in advance. The End.
  14. Nah, i was talking bout my history of "conversation" with stated above trolls mostly in global BEFORE any of said events happened. Oh, and a...guess what. I came here to tell them my "told ya" that im kinda deserved, i believe. Since Halloween event was officially released after all (yes, another convo with those trolls) End of transmission, out.
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