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  1. If any of the items that should stack, doesn't...then u just sell them all to any vendor, and buy back. They should stack in 1 slot. It's ez.
  2. Why dont u play some BR then? This game is something waaaaaay different. Play whichever way u want to, find some RP players to do all that stuff, but dont decide for all the players, unless u bought this game)
  3. It might not be the proper place for it, but even if u dont care Luka, i want u and other Hazmats to know this - u earned that green colored clan name and ability to call urselfs Hazmats for all the stuff and time u went thru doin ur job. They should have left all of u at least that "Honor Badge". from all of us.
  4. I guess Easter is on hold cause of this migration on the radar, it might be activated afterwards.
  5. Meh, i've been following diff games news and announcements, just projects im interested into, and one mmo a year or so ago, had an official *14 days* transfer period, before some new patch/addon release. And guess what. Shit happened, and they took 3 extra days at least in the end to fix that bs, if my memory serves me well. This couple of days is still nothing compared to that, so who cares. Migration is a process, when same kind of bs always happens, and take 2-3 days of your life. Be grateful to Allfather, u r not the one to clean that crap)
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