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  1. In this case, just leave, at least this forum. Why r u still here?
  2. "Classic" is a very WIDE range of definitions for this game. At the beginning it was lvl 15 cap I think, that's toooooo "classy", even for me. Then again, classic servers r opened after/while main is on, not the other way around. If u can run main first with all our items (minus acc's that wasnt active say for a year/half a year fore the shutdown to lesser the load), mounts, lvl's, skills, armor/weps and so on, while the map size is about Clinton Farm with surroundings, literally one town with some land around, that's a go, imo. Just place some clan manager there, all 4 vaults, and turn off the damn 25 day timer for guild lead change. Since, bein able to be back in that world in some form, is not the same as starting again from literally scratch - Main first, and everything else later, considering how u can spawn any npc on the map, would that be merchant with mats or event boss, map size or amount of towns becomes pretty unimportant detail on the contrary to content and achieved progress, which is IRL time, of which there's never nuff, and players can't take it back. I, for one, cannot imagine a bunch of "sunshine" folk to ditch on their 2k or 16k hours in the game, unlike some newbies with 0 on the record. Lightbrights aint that popular in this game) Or in general... Also, that "for the time bein" is rather...well, it's a worst case scenario. In other projects that's a definition of "never again". In that case me and my money would gladly depart elsewhere. However, I realize, it could be, that others might have some opposing opinions on the matter, I simply post mine, since it's a forum, pps post here, so...I encourage everyone to ignore it (and I meant u know who, "God bless em"...with some huge effing rock from the sky right in their heads, I hope), thx for ur time. P.S. - If a map would be size of some big nuff bunker bar, literally, with our loot, progress and some npcs, that's a greenlight.
  3. Okay, gee, this is it. "I have cancer" card was played. This is getting interesting... P.S. - I'm not ur bullet sponge, nuh-uh)
  4. Players leaved cz of the lack of new pve content, and lotsa a pvp content ~50+. That's it. No magic, no mystery. You got nothing else to do, u get bored. And then again lotsa pve goodies was cut out. End of story. That acc thingie however is not really a problem, more like affection towards the game and its mechanics. So many of them cz of the faction system, roleplay etc, and then there's a lack of storage space and next to none possibilities to get it for game currency. Thus, reward system is easily exploited for rp, since u just have to log-in once a month for ur 50. Its fubared, unfixable. No matter what u do, u can only tighten up screws, and that leads to bots. And deleting the whole thing is a nice big FU to whole players base, so...one of those catch 22 things. Rn at least u dont have to do much, just log-in. Well, didnt have to, anyway) And how come that 5 buck starter pack, say, is not an option already? At least no one points the barrel at the back of ur nut, and u have some resemblance of freedom of will. And, oh, yeah...if anyone to just relaunch FE as it was, that be cool, but, prolly would have to wait for the whole thing, or we would have only part of the map at new launch. And, considering what we saw, I say we may have another Boneclaw revamp on our hands)
  5. No offence, but another one MMO or just any game in "Early Access" (and alot of those around) with even a 5 buck price tag, only to search for bugs, and pay for it...nah. That's not a way to invite more players to build a base, that's another one closed circuit, very bad idea. It was always the other way around, team was offering ingame stuff for bein a tester, instead of players paying irl money for such a "privilege")
  6. I'm not sure what's the point of repeating myself, but I feel like it) The only thing we might miss at launch, is most of the map. The End. P.S. - Kinda weak, since we need OP for events, and maybe Alpha for harvies. Goin at it backwards kinda not the way things get done, so...
  7. Shud I just leave this here? And this was after the Q&A btw. Just saying. Then again, as much as I want to be able to log in again and talk to some of u, wasting all that time spent and start from scratch...nah, not me. Never. Point is, its the state of assets, not the database. Serv is off due to state of some systems, not the db or its size. Same reason its not yet on, cz they still working on some of them. And, u r such a troll))) Any normal person would ignore me long ago. Shud I bet ya next thing is, u r goin to yell about that 99% part?))) Or not?
  8. Man...how is that all of u still manage to miss the point by miles so much, and absolute, yet? I mean, if ur not simply trolling everyone, then ur behaviour is very logical. WE are PLAYERS. THEY are DEVS. Whatever THEY do, got absolutely nothing with PLAYERS opinions. Hence, whenever you, him (or is it irl her? is it even another human being or just multiple acc's n talking to urself? idc actually), or even me, any of us, saying anything here, yet...stating that its an 100% info, and that its GOIN TO HAPPEN, well...I will call BS on it again and again. Simple rly, isnt it? Whatever u guys say or want, doesnt mean its a most honest to God truth, k? You just cant GUARANTEE everyone what THEY WOULD DO. Cz ur not them. This is called speculation. End of story))) And, whats the point of a farewell event, with access to all this stuff, we couldnt have for a long time, marketplace stuff etc, if next step is literally wipe? Illogical, man. With the same chance they could've just wipe it, yet leave a serv running. Which didnt happen, isnt it? See...speculation, possibilities, or simply BS. And those cheaters...tell u the truth, I've no idea why u care so much. I made it all honestly, by wasting my time lvling, questing, farmin mats, crafting stuff, doin events, and selling all of that. Had more chips then I need. By simply playing. And cheaters will always be everywhere, doin everything. I've no idea how their existence in FE can affect anybody's gameplay. They arent running around in PvP with godmode to my knowledge at least, right? Best option - ignore, like I did while playing. If LO would get rid of them, fine, but...it has to be done without messing it for normal players, since certain anticheats for ex r pretty buggy, clumsy, and ineffective, gathering what I saw in other projects. Thank you for ur attention, ladies n gents. *Does a bit of a nod, and leaves the scenery*
  9. Not all the games GF as Reloaded or whatever the name was drifted over to LO portfolio, so to speak. If they wouldnt need it so much, why even bother buying it in the first place? That's illogical man, ur talking nonsense, literally.
  10. What's the point of spreading same bs in every thread? Ain't got no better things to do, instead of posting same crap about wipe n all, even though official statement says otherwise? Btw, some cosmetic crap was duped, what kind of relation to gameplay does that have? How come there's a link? VR jk was good though, man)
  11. Well, no one is gonna give u game files worth thousandfold price of server hosting for starters, and if u want to begin anew u can create fresh acc, ignoring the existence of a prev one, instead of everyone dancing to the same tune u'd like to listen to. What I really wonder though, is what's the point of pitching same ideas over n over thru multiple acc's? Since, I'm 100% sure ain't nobody gonna fall for this bs)))
  12. No offense, but I believe u didnt realized the magnitude of things I was talking about. When I said "money" and gave u S.T.A.L.K.E.R. team as an ex., obvi I meant BIG money, ok? It's not like their investor said "I'll give ya whole grand of US, how does that sound?"))) It's millions, okay? Both cases. I like the attitude, but this few hundred here and there aint gonna solve it. Just sayin. Vote for bigger team on FE, they r listening to this after all. That's solution, not funds. They got plenty, anything they'll need. All due respect, Creep. I want my home online too, u know.
  13. It's not a matter of money. Look at the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dev team. They needed money, found investor, and now its peachy. They got a big team now though (no less then a prev one), and their old engine was less clunky btw, despite certain fails anywho. Comparing to FE engine/team size vs gameworld size for ex, its easier for em. FE is less lucky on that matter. However, if LO would hire team big enough, it'd go waaaaay faster.
  14. Mutas was cut cz of pvp whine, how overpowered they was. Then they said the same about GORE weps... And so on (Alpha release and having higher lvls than 55 discussion, which ended in...u know what, cz their argument was "we dont want to recalculate builds again", like they do it themselfs, instead of some game fan enthusiasts)... And so on... Every game is like that. Listening to pvp oriented whineys cuts both them and pve players content too. Option A - Diplomacy. Option B - War. Either gotta ignore them, or change dmg done to players by mutas for ex, which is hard to do by FE standarts, cz players share same group as npcs. Fail there, without some good old job done properly, by obvi, splitting players into another group (or buff for players that lowers dmg done to them?). Unimportant, since game is down currently, and this isnt a priority. And guns r a thing for some, even if u claim them as a "cliche" by ur own standarts. I do not mind them in any game. Some players too. Everyone call this having a choice. Ur Cap)
  15. It's not a funding matter, its the size of FE itself. Big game, big world...enormous ambitions, achieved only partially. Req lotsa time and hands on deck just to bring it back, before adding new content. And then again, we got all that toxic dwellers from discord (for ex), spitting bile all around how slow and inept everyone but them, which doesnt help at all, and do not in any way show any actual progress made already. All they do is mud the water, makin the smoke so full of shite, its not funny. Industry standarts weign in too. Its all about makin a big bada boom with the job done, hence any news would be released only after some huge update.
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