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  1. I didnt tried to open my boxes from First Night yet, so i cannot be sure if its possible, or not, to have all the hats from them, but...since im not gonna do it on multiple chars (if i had any at the first place, cept storage toons), and if the drop chance is bs actually, did it ever occured to u, that its better to change the quests, by giving boxes in reward for doin it more then once? If ur concern, for whatever the reason, is AH or anything else at all, just make em attuned to the char, the very moment u get it out of the box (or non-tradable simply), and thats it. Its not a suggestions part of forum, but, its faster this way i guess.
  2. Since im playing with some hiatus here and there, i can't recall everything sometimes. And this time, i found only 1 repeatable quest for bankers rep, which is in Oasis. It's useful for achievement hunters mostly i guess, since u can't earn 180k rep thru the game. Problem is, it requires to gather unique mats from local nodes and lizards. And drop rate from darn lizards is...not very good, lets say. Each quest gives only +100 rep, which makes whole process a pain in the...pain train for weeks i guess. My simple suggestion is this: 1st) Either change repeatable quest mats requirement from unique mats to common one. U can buy usual lizard hide and weak geo chem all around. Or... 2nd) Add this bs mats to local Oasis vendors for price of original mats, since this is their substitute anyway. 3rd) Worst case scenario - change req amount of mats from 5 and 10 to 1 and 1. It'll simplify the process drastically. Either way it takes less then an hour to change it, even by the worst case scenario. Thanks in advance. The End.
  3. Nah, i was talking bout my history of "conversation" with stated above trolls mostly in global BEFORE any of said events happened. Oh, and a...guess what. I came here to tell them my "told ya" that im kinda deserved, i believe. Since Halloween event was officially released after all (yes, another convo with those trolls) End of transmission, out.
  4. I do understand that this thread is already old a bit, but...welp, first things first. Stop listen to and spread rumors sown by anyone cept for LO team and forum staff. Next - not everything that Matt or anyone else said is 100% info, some of it is still "food for thought" or "suggestions" technically. No wipe was yet confirmed by team, until then its all bs. That "new server" info - well, with population around ~50-100 players a day, nobody sane nuff will create another server (which costs money anyway, and if u dont rent it, it cost way more cash to buy equipment, which is pricey as always) for anyone at all. Since, u actually have to think about some sort of "return of investments" as Drake said, and we r in ftp game i gotta notice, this means that said population that joins it should either spend money on marketplace, or they r never gonna see that server. Thats the only logic anyway u look at it. And, however said above sound (i dont care anyways), i just gonna put this piece of statistics here - usually adding a server means that pouplation on all others or this one should be somewhere around 2k players at least. Maybe in between of 1-2k, as much as i know. Hence...it looks like u got nothing to worry about yet))) P.S. - As i stated above all this is "imo", and not an official statement or anything else then "imo" at all)
  5. Techically Vday event was reworked, in a very short period of time, with what team and resources they had at the moment. It was half a year, nuff time for preparations. Diff version of a xmas event is...very much possible id say.
  6. No wolfes here on behalf of LO, only ever hungry trolls from community. And who cares bout last ones? Look at this from my point of view: Fore xmas event all community was like: Nothing goin to happen, G1 doesnt care, there will be no xmas event. I was the one telling u that there will be n xmas event this year. Community respond - We dont believe u. And the next thing? Xmas event, right. Then its ended, same old song - Nothing goin to happen, G1 doesnt care, there will be no vday event. And i was the one telling u same thing - there will be n event. Same respond. And...well, it was, right? Then its ended, for the third time same thing happens. Nothing goin to change, G1 doesnt care. And i was like - Hey. Game got new owner and dev. And community - We dont believe u. Guess what? Matt post on forum. So...what i see, is same old song for the 4th time. Im talking bout changes, and u r same non-believers. My point is, that there's a...axiom i'll say, in certain circles...statin, that 1 could be rnd, but 4 times in a row is a constant. Btw, there's always high hopes. Point is, u may have heard Matt - Frame fore everything else. So yeah, first things first. Never said "days" or "fast". All of this will take up to 3 years in total. Foundation, unreleased stuff, fixes, new content. 3 years in plans at least. That was "the beans".
  7. Thanks for caring, but...ur "shirt case" will prolly take like...5 minutes or so. Just saying.
  8. I'll just add that its not the only thing thats goin to change, but im not gonna comment further prolly, cause i dont wanna add so much info atm as a comment. Maybe i'll spill some beans later.
  9. I dont think that it matters, as long as its true. What, never saw how "info leak" works? Besides, its easy to proof - wait for it to be implemented in the game with some of the upcoming patches. Simple, aye?
  10. Well... Quest book rework - right now its quite limited. 30 quests (if my memory serves me well) and only one tab for all types of quests, which is pretty hard for newbies...and even some higher lvl players. For ex. u might recall S1 quest for Bankers...move a book thru S1 to Oasis. And this thing will stuck in ur book for a whole sector+u got -1slot in inv for alotta time. And, there's alot of this types of quests in early Sectors specially. Long chains, many quests, some of whom r hard, due to lvl of char etc. Solution is a diff tabs for a quest book. Standart tab goes to 50 cap/faction tab for 30-50 quests/repeatable tab/main quest line tab, which is quests like ATV chain/GlobalTech chain etc. Though, due to requests, inv would have 2 new tabs, which is like...say, a diff inv mostly. 1 for quest items (added by tags, easy to do)/2nd for market items (though this one is uncertain atm, still). Npc interaction - In the early development, there was n idea (alot of them actually, some didnt make it) to use special item, that u acquire as one of ur first steps in the game world, and that would be portable radio. It would allow u to interact with npcs from afar, say...talk to npc with a quest from...another town for ex. That would help alot with quests actually, since running back n forth from town to outskirts is annoying as hell Kills me every time. Problem with that idea was the way function works, and dist to npc...which is actually solvable atm, but...welp, at that moment idea simply died. That possibilty is quite intended for the idea im talking bout, overall. Map rework - Atm map is mainly a simple art with some objects added on top of it. Yet, with the addition of the said ideas, afterall map will look like this - quests tag may be added as obj too. That means, u would be able to see every availible quest u have on a map. Color system will tell u which type it is. Usual/repeatable/faction/unavaliable (due to lvl/not nuff rep, etc). Said features will help u to see all quests u have left, and interact with them from a dist (well, here is a bit of uncertainty too...but, probably, the dist will be almost inf...well, nuff to interact from every corner of a game). I think thats what i meant. Some clarity might be added further if needed, since i can explain more precisely, how that would work/look (i didnt explained all of this from every point yet).
  11. Well...say...if...LO got n idea to raise lvl cap to 75, ur skills cap will be 256...which is partially a solution, aight? So yeah...more answers in "List of Changes".
  12. Work in progress. Some skills system "solution" is at hands. Yet, the very possibility for spread...its more annoying, then a part of pseudo-realism, that makes us all goes "Yaaaay!". So yeah, spread will be reduced...alot. U know, overall.
  13. Tell u the truth, some of that is doable. Expand all button? Possibly. Follow button for mounts(cept vehicles course, that would be soooo much fun to watch though...) - easy. Gathering mats, while on mount/on-in vehicle...welp, that problem is pretty much known. Its making process so slow, ik, personally as a crafter/seasonal grinder. Gathering while using mount is mostly out of the question...but, if that would become fastest/easiest solution, it will be done. Height/Angle...well, actually...adjusting it most likely let anyone to climb any mountain easy as...u know what. Maybe, something will be done bout that.
  14. Its a problem that is hard to solve. For those who did said quests long ago, diff reward means nothing, since, likely, ur not getting it again(only, if team send em thru mail after patch...there r other ways though, nonetheless its not a top priority...partially). Some work r in progress though. And that "work" is a...way to storage ur rewards, without using ur vaults. Though, im talking bout trinkets and unique skin items, that could be used as a wardrobe part. Vehicle box? Unlikely. Only if u dont need a key for it, and it contains rnd craftable mount, except for Dome/OP books keys...and no faction vehicles too. That would make sense. Higher drop and better/new items for mass killers/grinders? Depends. Its only one way of looking at it. More like, u want everything for free. Not gonna happen. Something will be done, yet...it doesnt mean ur gonna have market items as ingame drop though. Some "key system" rework is in progress though.
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