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  1. Their aware but they don’t care
  2. Walk

    PS4 NA Financial Down

    Bro im done making post yall know financial is down and you guys arent trying to fix it yall keep saying its getting worked on but we we are the only console with it down i cant even rank my player up because its down its about to be 2Months since its been down we cant even do the Christmas contact because we need financial up i don’t understand its like yall only worried about xbox and pc are graphics are still not fixed @MattScott @Amayii@Lixil
  3. Walk

    PS4 Financial Down

    Its not up for NA @Sadira
  4. Walk

    PS4 Financial Down

    Financial is still down and i cant rank up because i finished waterfront you guyd are aware of this and its still down its been a Month @MattScott
  5. I agree with you , stating everything that has been going on with the game hope we can get Financial back up
  6. Walk

    PS4 GameChat

    When your in gamechat you cant mute anybody even if you block them you still can hear them im getting tired of hearing people blast music in social an we cant block them
  7. Walk

    PS4 NA Districts down

    Their still done man keep saying im disconnected when loading up
  8. Walk

    Error 30006

    I been saying this was a problem it shouldve been fixed
  9. Exactly they act like we dont have to pay for these things
  10. I understand that but if its not one thing its another you know we do have to pay for Character Slots and names changes and when i get a name that i like an wanted to make a player i cant cause its a bug in the system
  11. I bought a character slot and i when i tried to make an an name it says you reached the maximum amount Of players Error code 30006 at this point im just done with this game yall cant fix it no matter what happens something is always messing up you guys say you will look at it but it always occurs
  12. Walk

    PS4 APB Name Bug

    11Hrs still no fix @Lixil
  13. Walk

    PS4 APB Name Bug

    I hope this can get fixed Quick because i want to change my name i did have to pay for that also this didnt happen before the servers were switched now its an problem
  14. Walk

    PS4 APB Name Bug

    Yes I believe its a bug in the system i hope their is an way you guys can fix this @Amayii @MattScott
  15. Walk

    Name Glitched

    It dosent take that long usually It takes a minute but this is a bug in the system
  16. Walk

    Name Glitched

    When you delete an name u cant claim it on here this guy is glitched out an needs to be fixed my friend recently deleted his name for me to have and when i try to claim it it says he still has it but he deleted the player this wasnt until the servers went down this has happend
  17. I Recently Deleted one of my apb names on my other account and then when i went to claim it on My other account it says its not available but when i look to type it in to see who has it it still says my account has it its been 2Days now but i deleted the name and i still cant claim it on my Main account please help me Merged. @MattScott can u fix
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