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  1. lol how is configs cheating, its just changing the game settings literally anyone can config settings. any game you play that has any sort of competitive play has customisable configs if its also not in the TOS its not cheating.
  2. i put the money on before the downtime thats the problem its been a week since i put it on and i still cant fucking use it its annoying.
  3. tell me about it, its been like 5 days and its still down imagine putting sales on stuff to entice people to buy but not actually fixing the site so probably by the time it ends the site gets fixed and we all got suckered into spending money lol
  4. Is Armas Market completely broken for everyone or is just a problem im having, if it is a problem then whats eta on fixing it because i spent spent like 20 quid and just wanna buy my gun and play but so far its just been a complete battle kinda irritating if anything.
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