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  1. ok then well have fun on gta v you'll be dearly missed
  2. thanks! and people complaining about latency (especially from west coast to east coast lol) imagine playing from australia and be thankful for what you've got. people dealing with 250+ms, though, i can understand the frustration
  3. just in time for thanksgiving where everyone in US travelling/not on pc jkjk excited to play later tonight
  4. i've been on and off on this game for close to a decade now and this past month or so that i've come back to it has been the most fun i've gotten out of it since i first started. idk all the specific changes but i've just felt like games have been more balanced, WAY less connection issues, and it's just generally felt fresh to me. i'm so sick of the garbage games that major companies have been putting out lately and i wanna thank u guys at LO for taking this game & improving on it. a lot of ingenious game concepts like the Savage series, gw1, etc. have died off because of problems with botting, matchmaking abuse, no attn from developers, etc., and i'm thankful this game has both a dedicated community and a dedicated development team. see u guys in game when it's back up B)
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