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  1. The 7 - day premium still hasn't been uploaded to my account. I sent a ticket 3 days ago, but it's not answered. If you don't give a premium, tell me that I don't have to check for answers. Note:my account had 44 days premium for the game closed 4-5 days premium time wasted. Shared Support ticket removed ~@mayii
  2. I sent tickets to customer service. I hope they return soon. Thanks.
  3. 2 problemim var. 1 inci. 7 günlük prim hesabımda görünmüyor. 44 veya 45 günlük bir primim vardı. Oyun kapandığında. şimdi 38 gün gibi görünüyor. Herhangi bir ekleme yapılmamıştır. 2. baskı soru: Oyuna giriyorum, ancak Türkiye Kod 9'dan oyuna sürekli giriyorum. Deneme sonucunda 2-3 saat bazen oyuna girer. Account Name: AzeliaBLankz
  4. Can not make entry to the game from Turkey. It's Code 9.
  5. I don't know much English, so I couldn't explain myself. @eelaaa agree with what you said.
  6. Well, these were among those announcements. What was the result ? Matt I hate to throw out dates, but I feel like you have all been in limbo too long, so if I had to start making some guesses, here is how I think the various platforms will come online: PS4 and PC NA = midnight tonight Pacific time XB1, PS4, and PC EU = early morning (7am-ish) tomorrow Pacific time ----------------------------------------------------- A couple caveats: We are missing some network equipment and a bunch of district boxes that got stuck in customs for the new EU datacenter. This means all of EU will be temporarily running on districts in New York for a couple days till we get the new EU location online properly. And all platforms will be running Financial and Waterfront with no threat segregation for a couple days. _________________________________________________________________ I don't know if you realize it's been 3 days since these announcements. And still the game is off. No gaming company stays closed for days. Why don't you want to understand that ? If they can't solve the problems in the game, they should hand it over to another game company. See you..
  7. You're looking the other way on you guys. Of course, I congratulate them for spending time and effort on the game. There is a truth in here. When the game was on Gamefirst, it was obvious. They led to the loss of thousands of players. No online game is shut down for so long. This kind of situation leads to total player losses. I am writing more detailed to understand that no game company can afford to lose players in closing the game for so long.
  8. Hi, The transmission of these servers sounds like a scenario to me. No company attempts to change servers without any preparation. If something is already prepared 3-4-5 days why the servers remain closed. I worked for 3.5 years as a programmer at a game company I didn't want to name. I'm a man who knows more or less about these things. I think there are other reasons behind this. There will be those who disagree with me, of course, but as I said, no online gaming company shuts down the servers for that long. AzeliaBLankz See you..
  9. I understand better now. Looks like we'll wait 3-5 more days for the AB servers. Thanks..
  10. Hi, Guys, I didn't quite understand what Mett was saying. I don't know much English. Can someone write in more detail ? When will the game open ? And what changes will be in the game 2-3 days ?
  11. Editing: hopefully the game servers will be activated again soon.
  12. I'm back in the game after 4 years. I used to play Pubg and last week I made the decision to return to Apb. I've been playing the game for about 5-6 days, bought 2400 g1 premium or something. To enjoy the game, but after 6 days the game was closed. Due to the update of the database kapansada close to 2 days can not enter the game. I'm going back to pubg. Now we wish to meet in the next few years. See you all..
  13. Hi, Do you realize you've seriously victimized the players ? The game has been off for almost 2 days. Of course you need to make the necessary updates do not object to it. However, today's games have been closed for close to 2 days the game is not available. And I think he's been closed for too long. My English is not very good.I hope I made myself clear to you. Thanks, AzeliaBLankz
  14. Will it open after an average of 3.5 hours ? Merged. Thanks for the quick reply. So we'll keep waiting.
  15. I wonder 2 questions will. 1st. my question is now the update will be an update on the server merger ? 2nd ed. question: the game will open after an average of how many hours. I'd like you to give me at least an estimated time.
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