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  1. so much boulshit for putting a whole server down -_- its just sad, people pay for this game, just do this patches ones a month or so, or like do al the shit with Christmas nobody is gonna play then i mean its Christmas family and stuff. or new year come on pick a data and tell everybody like a day before you do it its nice to know ...
  2. its online again @Amayii theanks you for telling us, i quess it was a glitch maybe or a ddos, but from 14:30 antill now the servers where off (the are back online) theank you
  3. Mmmm, still stranges that the game is online, as the say but does not allow people to logg in /: hmmm there must be a limit to loggings, because if to manny logg in at the same time the server will crash to fast i suppose
  4. probeble only NY people can logg in because its there placed the servers -_- hate america my opinion, i never liked america, thats something els. but still my opinion, the playerbase is in EU but what ever
  5. so what is going on now? because the PC still does not work, whats up? talk say something this is to annoying saying it works and it does not COME ONNN. TELL US, if you have nu clue its already a think to say just say something…………………….
  6. i can`t logg in wt f, i logg in with steam first because XDDDD, but after that just normale still error9 WHATS DEZE???? i was so happy, don`t give fake hope :(((((((
  8. i watched all the avatar serie's and still nothing NOTHING come on man, i wouldn`t give a shit less just put back the old stuff. i mean nothing is really gonna changes is it. so just throw back the game to us xD.
  9. i was gold for a few matches and then death to manny times/ loses and went back to silver, doesn't mean i am bad, or good/ just sucks some times. some times there are hackers sometimes there are just some to **** who play this game 24/7 doesn`t mater aslong as you have fun but never give up only when you are 100% sure after the 2 rounds that you are gonna lose hahaha then drive around with your cool car Cya in game people, I WANNA DRIVE MY NIGHTCAR :DDDDDD ( *** console stupit) my opinion, sorry. Good work Matt, try to be done by tomorrow thx
  10. hope this boulshit is done before i finish the whole avatar seasons like the first with ang and the second with korra, jesus i am already at season 2 of korra book 2 -_- i know its hard to fix stuff i did it with a few just only servers, but this you can`t turn down the servers for 2 days, pre-work next time. hope you guys are done by tomorrow, keep the work up.
  11. only thing i wanted to know is HOW LONG??? just give a time, and you can always say it can take longer or so, JUST GIVE ME A TIME xD i suppose its not going to be on for today any more so sleep well then …. Annoying Merged. how long will it take before the game is up again? like in a hour or will it be back up tomorrow? if its tomorrow i am going to sleep xD
  12. how long will it take before the game is up again? like in a hour or will it be back up tomorrow? if its tomorrow i am going to sleep xD
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