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  1. Maybe try the game through Steam when it's available again and use Proton?
  2. Thanks for bringing the game back in its classic form Matt. I'm both shocked and SUPER excited for this. One thing regarding #4 here, while I understand wanting to make the game F2P because of the situation the classic reboot is in, please allow us to voluntarily subscribe as a way to support you guys. This is behavior from a game company that I want to support with my dollars.
  3. Looks like Matt posted that an update is coming on twitter yesterday:
  4. I miss the game. Thanks for the update.
  5. If for some reason a reboot does not happen, consider open sourcing the game code and assets you do have. Don't simply let the game die off for good. That serves nobody.
  6. Doubt there are many licensable engines that can do a seamless world this big.
  7. mmm. Sweet, sweet progress. Any details on what you're writing the new server side code in? Hopefully something portable and easier to dev on to keep things humming along in the future.
  8. Resubbed both accounts tonight. Saw an update come down on the game client, are there patch notes anywhere? It might be a good idea to post them in the news section of the launcher along with the pricing structure changes. It would also be smart to update the Steam store page with this information. Some/most people probably don't view the forums regularly or at all.
  9. Thanks for this! Resubbing both of my accounts to Commander. I had the special pricing on one account and not the other which was always a pain in the side cause I created a character I ended up playing more of on the other account! Awesome!
  10. Pack weight limit is probably the safest and quickest way for a temporary solution, unless things are coded so badly that those numbers are in a bunch of places, or referenced in weird ways. Either of which I'm sure is possible.
  11. Yea this seriously needs to be fixed already. The other night a new player asked if anyone in the area had coarse sugar. I offered only to find out splitting didn't work anymore. To hand off the amount he needed I had to go to a vendor, sell the amount I wanted to split, put the remaining stack in my car inventory, and then buy back the smaller stack. That's nuts. It's a fundamental game mechanic, put someone on it for a few hours or a day or two and fix it.
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