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  1. like BAD businesses, right? I do not want to be rude, but good companies either provide a good service or do not provide anything.
  2. This is me trying several times to get into the district and the hourglass running for 15 minutes until I get tired, close the game and open it again.
  3. Hello, excuse my English. But you intend to end this game? I've never seen this game so full of lag, trouble getting into district, lots of momentary lags. Would not it be better to close the server soon and end the game? Because we get tired of facing so many problems and we continue to play hoping that one day this game will again be playable.
  4. Hartl

    Server status

    What the error occurs?
  5. Hartl

    Server status

    You has downloaded the new patch?
  6. Hartl

    Server status

    its ok now!
  7. Hartl

    Server status

    Yes, new path available
  8. Hartl

    Server status

    To windows 7, windows 10 or both?
  9. Server lag, Server disconneting, Server in maintance... Shine APB again, please!
  10. After 1 year, im back and i get 1 day maintantance Merged. When I trying to enter in a room
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