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  1. So... yu keep changing your story now... Yu said 100 percent yu know who did it. Then changed to that yu might not. then also going into defensive saying yu might be wrong... So it appears that yu do not have 100 percent proof of who it is. So it is pretty sad to hear yu accused someone then retracted to suspect, then now saying sorry and now just ending things? I feel like Eric Cloud does deserve an apology after all is said and done. If that means he is clear of everything that is. The downfall of Fallen Earth... Chickens.
  2. Yeah so...reviewing the video and everything. It is not clear who did it. The only way is for the team to go through and review all gm's. See what actions the gm took and then discuss it. Or straight out ban them. So calling out another player in anger or whatever was not a good choice.
  3. Is the video uploaded online? Or just privately sent to yu?
  4. Exactly! Like this game actually helps with my anxiety and such Like when I am having a bad time I come here to have a sort of escape. Even just exploring the map helps as it is so big and there is so much to explore. there are some trolls and etc. Which is to be expected of a game. But people who actually want to play and not mess with others...where is the video that yu took? Yu said 5? Why not post it to show what actually happened so it can be avoided in the future? Also how many people were effected by this?
  5. Like how did this all happen in the first place? Everyone was PVP'ing and maybe someone got pissed and just abused there power? Like... cool little joke that got out of hand? Would still love to see the actual "proof" though. Kind of laughable that Aroa will not link or post te videos they took.
  6. Yeah no kidding...like some players are obvious trolls and can be ignored. But I have met a lot of people in the game who are great people. Like helping each other out. It just seems like the GM stuff should be taken more seriously. The screening process should be more intense I guess? So this does not happen again...
  7. Yeah where is the video?
  8. I am not ble to get into the game at all now... Like character selection is blank. Anyone else having this issue? I
  9. How long does internal testing usually take on average?
  10. Any updates on how things are going?
  11. How long is maintenance going to last this morning?
  12. Pretty sure we should wait till they give the go ahead just in case...
  13. Oh no of course not. I just have a friend here who is fascinated by this whole process that is going on right now. Rather play a playable game than a game that crashes right away, always. @DantesHell Love the video you shared also. Explains a lot. Totally have much more of an appreciation of what is going on with the game now.
  14. So last update was around 3 hours ago. Is it going to be possible to be gaming tonight? Or are we just wait till dawn breaks now? ha.
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