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  1. Call me stupid, but i think, that progression is too fast. Every new conatact is a 2 weeks of lazy game. In APB there is no high rank content, and "max rank" is one of the most popular goals in game: 1. Max rank 2. Gold Threat / Gold 10 (I miss that system ), currently gold threat is a curse. 3. Maxed weapon/stabba (cops) 4. All achievements 5. Crown 6. Vegax 4x4/Bomb Without high rank content or new goals there is nothing to do in game (i knew some guys who after maxing ranks, started new characters)
  2. Waterfront is a fuzzy bunny. Bad spawn points, imbalance spots, where without OPGL, you can't do a thing. Roofs, huge amount of open areas and 1 dude with obeya can easly stop entire enemy team attack.
  3. New game owner, new vision of game, no Tiggs, and most presious thing which many of us waited 'communication'! You got my credit of trust. Engine Update and 2 new contacts, finally, my old OBT Veteran bones, awaited it for so long...
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