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On 5/2/2019 at 3:28 PM, Zolerox said:

I'm guessing that's what all the server stop happening "why the game was off for 10 hours or so" stuff was about it also took the old forums off 😕 (really hope it was unintentional)  @MattScott

Of course i kept an archive of my favorite threads (all in a folder)  for my viewing pleasure


Oldy linky

Sorry for the necro, this thread is three weeks old now but I was reading through and saw this. This is amazing 🙂 I remember that thread. I even posted in it, partway down that page. I also remember a lot of those forum names and recall playing with a lot of them in RTW and G1's version.


And yes, it's a massive shame the old forums are gone now. Good times.


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