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[GAME] Merging all servers

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10 hours ago, Sonicdahedgie said:

So you want all the players on one server, but with multiple servers. Brilliant.

I want it like most of the games today, you can play on your region servers but you can play with friends from other regions, its crap that you cant play with someone from NA, or in the case of the spanish comunity, its splitted, because a big ammount of players that speak spanish play on NA, and another big ammount on EU.

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this is what i have been thinking of for long time , just a one server with multiple district based on region or latency


i made a small concept of what we actually want, i hope this will take into consideration by devs



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I would certainly welcome the idea of a server for character information, as account information is, and the ability to play in other servers. This can allow for some people to move about if they change regions themselves. I'm wanting to live in Europe for a couple years, while my account is North America based.


Not a bad suggestion. Only roadblocks are the way the game is instanced on the servers currently, and the character storage. I can have two characters with the same name, on different worlds... if someone already took my name in Europe, or Han, even though I made the name first on North America, I wouldn't want to lose it. And I'm sure that people on other servers that have only stayed there have never heard of my character names, and made them themselves... just the chance of luck...


Either way... those need to be talked about if that does happen.

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