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Add Better Notification Settings

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My ability to be active on the forums the way I am absolutely requires me to be able to have an immediate email notification for every single post posted in a thread I'm subscribed to, please bring back this option.

I don't want annoying sounds, I'm not sure what the popup thing is supposed to be, and "Only send one email notification for content I follow until I revisit the community" doesn't seem to work when I have the forums open.

So yeah, please bring back the option to get a notification email for every single notification regardless of if I'm on the forums or not.



Oh yeah, and bring back the ability to view and edit your post as raw code please, it's an absolutely essential feature.

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My bad, I did not understand the way the notification options were set up, though I highly suggest you change the page layout because it's, in my opinion, confusing.

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