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Writing spoilers manually with an embeed in forums result in a whole post spoiler.

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Summary: Writing spoilers manually in forums result in a whole post spoiler.
When editing a post in forums , using the [ Spoiler] tags manually , then using an embeed in it (such as a quote or a youtube video) will result in everything after that said embeed , to be considered in the spoiler , even after the [/ Spoiler] tag

Steps to reproduce:
 - 1: Create a topic
 - 2: Make a spoiler using [ Spoiler] and [/ Spoiler] (without spaces)
 - 3: Paste a youtube link in it and wait for the forum to auto embeed it.

 - 4: Write a few words after the [/ Spoiler] tag

 - 5: Save the post.
How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3

Results: The spoiler takes everything that's after the [/ Spoiler] tag into it.

Expected results: The spoiler should end where [/ Spoiler] is written.


Note : a quick workaround is to save an empty spoiler then adding the embeed into it.

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