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What are the possibilities of a New Engine?

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@MattScottI'm really excited to watch the development of the game, though I really haven't logged in for awhile. I'm really curious as to what possibilities, besides graphics, that a new engine could provide.  I will come back when the game has been updated (and I completely understand it is a work in progress)


As for a new engine:

For a long time, one of the most common suggestions in forums was for mounts that could have for passengers. (bikes with carriage, pickup, bus ect)  From what I heard (never tested) the collision mechanics were too poor.  Would a remake of the game allow for that?  Is it something being considered possibily at one point?  I get that right now is really about builiding the foundation.  

Does a new engine also allow interaction with different terrain/water features?  Water in FE is just a dead zone, blocked off from interaction.  Would interaction with water (boats, swimming ect) be something that would be possible?

Last, player housing.  Would housing be possible?  For example, a house that is instanced to an account.


I also apologize if this has been discussed, and if so, can someone link 🙂  



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