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Survivor's Refuge is under new leadership.

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Hello everyone.


Fallen Earth clan Survivor's Refuge is under new leadership.

Due to recent complications, Survivor's Refuge is now being handed over to Director Badger Mac. Badger, along with the recently established clan crisis team (SRCT), will be running the in-game aspect of the clan for the foreseeable future.


What does this mean?

It will take some time for the new lead team to adjust to their roles, but things should continue as normal. There will still be:

  1. Clan hosted gatherings / events including the Rally.
  2. Advertisement and active recruitment.
  3. Officer recruitment.
  4. All regular aspects related to being a clan member, such as using vaults and communicating via Discord.


Will this change anything?

Nothing is going to change about the clan, however there may be some hitches and bumps at the start due to the transfer of leadership. You can still expect to see me here on the forums and in Discord, actively taking part in the clan's affairs and maintenance, but you will not see me in-game.


Thank you all for your continued support and kindness. A year ago tomorrow was when I founded the clan, and I'm glad to be handing it on to someone else almost a year after.


Ella Clinton

Founder of Survivor's Refuge

and the Survivor's Refuge Officer Crisis Team.

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What about the Rally on Jan 5th? :<

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