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HUD changes

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Since the dawn of times we have had the same HUD design and layout, and we all have come to love it. With the engine update coming (probably? next year) the opportunity should be taken for enhancing the visual experience in this regard. 


A refreshing, less blocky, more "dynamic" HUD would be a blow of fresh air. My suggested changes:



~ Remove box-ness of the HUD elements


~ Higher resolution HUD elements (waypoint + objective icons, weapon icons, counters, radar/minimap) 


~ Less of the HUD at the top of the screen (where all the action takes place) would clean up our vision and add immersion to the game


~ Important information (ammo and grenade counter, deployables, minimap and ESSENTIAL (meaning abreviated)  mission objectives) gathered at the bottom center of the screen, preferably leaving the corners and sides of the screen empty and NOT touching the bottom of the screen, but two to three cm above it so you can give it a quick glance or use your peripheral vision to look at it


~ Stats (/fps) displayed in one of the corners of the screen, where it makes sense for it to exist. Not vital info? Out of the way. 


~ Ability to move around the HUD elements in the options menu. Ability to scale up or down certain elements, or the whole HUD. Ability to remove elements of the HUD you don't want. With all this I would throw in as well a bit of customization, maybe a customizable color scheme


~ Contact rank/progress just shouldn't appear during missions. Notoriety, on the other hand, should (be smaller or simpler). 


(Other gimmicks that I've thought off but wouldn't appeal to a lot of people: Chroma support, maybe in the form of your keyboard flashing red when you get shot, an audio mixer/equalizer type lighting when you ride your car while playing music on the radio. Anyways, i don't own razer, so i don't know if that would just be annoying or actually kind of cool) 

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Agreed, Customising the HUD elements would be nice, but I feel the Chroma support is quite niche and will only apply to a fraction of the playerbase. But allowing players to customise the HUD their way is a good idea. Perhaps editing the borders of the HUD to modify the "blockiness" could be an option.

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