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Issueses [13.10.2018]

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How can it be, that this hitreg is so bugged out, while i've heard "It's tweaked".

Example: Today i've had multiple CQC shotgun fights.. i seriously had to hit over 6 times just to kill one.

Those shots were body pointed, please comon. Same with the RFP, the opp was standing AFK on the road,

the first 3 burst shots ghosted complettly out. Still had to fire another 5 bursts to kill him on 14 meters.. Ha Ha rofl.


Bugging names

Opp drove towards me and jumped out.

His name disappeard complettly.

Happed kinda alot to me since the Server restart from 12.10.2018.


Hitbox didn't exist for a moment[Not confirmed at all]

Same situation. Opp is standing AFK on the road.

I've jumped out, but when i aimed on him, my crosshair did not even turn red.

I could not even hit him. It's like his hitbox didn't exist in that moment. (No he was already out of the spawn protection)

!!I could have proof it with the screenshot, but somehow the game didn't create it.!!


Car hitbox

Self explaining.

Everyone had this situation. Jumping away from the car,

but the opp still kills you without actually hitting you with the car.



In the past days, i've got them hitmarks rarely.

Same that the crosshair just don't turn red if ur aiming on someone.



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1. thats could be something about shotgun nerf - propably they broke something because all the time shotguns game long delay between shoots and reach target nor its just useless
and yes hitreg wont work properly i changed settings in AAPBL to lowest possible and i achive more ghost shoots it looks like hitbixes arent loaded properly (i achive no character loading, just default asset) - after changing that back to UPSStyle it go back to normal(i think)
2. if u could give us his nickname then we could think about what could happen there. Is he use cyrlic in nickname ? (if it even possible ...) OR its some kind of old glitch while u jump off a car and ur character is pushed by a car while exiting

3. back to point 1 i achive strange things in this config like i couldnt hit enemy even unload full mag into him. Oh and while im enter to Inventory my fps drops from 60-70 to 20 xD (in this specific setup)
originally i would preffer USPStyle with turned off some settings performance eaten (i achive then 90-101 fps but game still wants to drops to 50 fps and stays there)
4. car hitbox is a cube so u know that if he even touch you while driving in any direction who changes state of car to dangerous he will kills you even if he barely touches you (this should be changed to check how much character is "touched" and then calculate dmg he receive
5. about crosshairs there is next bug that need to be fixed - crosshair is not scaled to the screen i checked his from ressolution 1024/xxx to 2550/xxxx and there is huge diffrence in crosshair but as i expected guns recoil are same at all screen ressolution i tested it. Additional i will tell that playing on streatched to 16/9 lowest apb ressolution is overkill ...

about your question i meet some rarely glitches about what you say i hit character(enemy) and hitregs arent shows up so i leave that be and run in diffrent direction my friend kills that guy and i get 85 from him ...

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