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People randomly appear on minimap as if they were spotted by radar tower (explained)

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If someone spawns close to an enemy's radar tower car, then he will be spoted on the minimap until the car is blown or he is dead. It doesnt matter if the guy moves out of the range of the radar tower, he will still be shown on the minimap. (+the spoted guy can see the radartower on the minimap aswell the same way)
I hope u could follow and understand what i explained above. (sorry for my english, i can't really describe this bug other way).

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did u check it with muffler (if spotted player can still see it?) ??
+yes its still work but u need to have full group of mufflered cars with tower radar station and put them in predicted respawns places to make it work. Its Hard as fuk but its possible to do it in mission

+respawn system is shit u can predict respawns and possible movement like an wallhack


Financial 2 construction towers still aviable to climb on top of them ...

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