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Question about VPN

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Hello i would like to know about the use of vpn i personally use one cause i like to surf the net privately. I also do some online banking an work that requires it. So can we use them ? i know in the past ban people used them to try to ban evade but i can say a vpn does not help u evade a ban i learned this the hard way as many know. I do turn it off while gaming but there is always that chance i can forget to turn it off.

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Hello there!

As you know yourself, VPNs are legitimate to be used working on-line. As always, if it is related to the ban evasion abuse, then certainly not. For everything else, there are certain complications related to their usage, so in case your account gets compromised or anything of sorts resolving the issue will be hard, therefore you would be using it at your own risk. But no, the usage of the VPN itself will not get you banned.


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