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Many people are still unaware that Little Orbit is in charge now. Heck, I only learned about it a couple weeks ago from a YouTube video and I adore Fallen Earth and APB.
A lot of those same people I believe have a very negative relation to the company name Gamers First, due to past managements handling of beloved games. Even friends who have never played a G1 game have expressed distrust when I brought up the name in conversation.

The forums and main Fallen Earth website still bare the G1 brand.

It is just off the top of my head and I know it would be complicated, but maybe a rename is in order? (At least later down the line, closer to the completion of LOs vision for the respective IPs.)

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I agree and I too have made simple suggestions to L.O in these forums concerning much needed changes NOW - changes that will greatly improve the player perception of what's going on, yet take minimal effort.

1. Splash Screen - outdated and its a simple screen shot - you can't change that? - noticable right off the bat
2. Announcements on log-in screen. The last post is from 2013. Anyone logging in to check the state of the game is reading that nothing has happened in the last 5 years. Dead Game = log out.
3. Fix the broken loot on some marketplace boxes so that players might actually want to spend money on them. Same loot for 5 years NEVER did any game any good. There are plenty of mounts and pets to swap around in those boxes to keep things interresting.
4. Get rid of the danged Suspicious Cheese ad! It's so dumb! Everyone hates looking at it.
5. Your Idea - Change all indication of G1 to L.O. so that anyone returning to check the state of the game, via forum or website, will automatically know that something is different. Time to log in and see whats going on right?
6. And my #1 suggestion today is: Make a T-Shirt with the L.O. logo on it and send it to all accounts via marketplace redeem code for the upcoming anniversary (sep 22nd). YES this means developing a single basic item. But having all active players running around with the only new item in years, and advertising L.O. all over the wastelands, seems like a no brainer. 

Obviouisly there is so much more that can be done. These are only simple tasks that I believe will make a HUGE difference while we wait for real changes to be made.

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