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Not to scare you off, but this game is full of battle-hardened veteran man children that tend to whisper dirty things you if you kill them. 

Good luck though.

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Welcome to the game.


For finishing one tier of the basic tutorial, you'll receive a weapon selector to pick one free weapon that you'll get a no-slot permanent version of.


For the love of all that is true, DO NOT USE IT RIGHT AWAY. (If possible) Leave it in the mail or whatever. Experiment with the weapons first and see what you like. Then make your choice. If you pick something you end up hating later down the line you do not get re-pick.


I'm not sure if it's still true or not, but you can pick one of the following:


N-TEC, OCA-EW, Joker Carbine, N-HVR, ALIG, SHAW, PMG, JG.


N-TEC: Assault rifle. One of the most used weapons in the game. Complicated to use due to it's reliance on "Tap fire" or slower semi-auto clicking on an automatic weapon. Much less forgiving than the stock STAR rifle you get. Hard to master, but if you put the effort into it the gun rewards. There's a reason why a the line "Balance around the N-TEC" exists. 


OCA-EW: Submachine gun. Very quick to kill at shorter ranges, but lacks long range damage. Pretty simple to use and pretty meta. People might rage at you for killing them though since it is remarkably good at that.


Joker Carbine: Midrange semi-auto rifle. It's decent, it performs well, but it is a skill barrier gun. If you're good with it you can pull of some surprising stuff, if you're not good with it... Get ready to listen to people's kill themes.


N-HVR: Remember how I said people might rage at you for the OCA-EW? People ABSOLUTELY WILL rage at you for this. Bolt action high damage sniper rifle. Does the most alpha damage of any weapon in the game. Makes you run slower. Easy to get kills with, but prepare for literal mountains of salt. Very meta, however, and the counter to a HVR is another HVR.


ALIG: Anti-vehicle machine gun. You want Anti-vehicle something on hand, and the ALIG is pretty standard when it comes to that. It's NOT good at player damage however, so you really do need to save it for exclusively vehicles.


SHAW: The opposite of the ALIG. Very fast rate of fire and decent damage. Use it like an SMG and prepare to literally delete people if you get even the smallest jump on them. Salt will be inbound.


PMG: Slow firing mid-range ish SMG. I personally wouldn't use it because IIRC it's been nerfed a few times. It loses to the OCA-EW in short range TTK (Time To Kill) and most assault rifles in midrange TTK. So it's in a weird place. Skip.


JG: Shotgun. With the servers as they are I REALLY recommend against using shotguns. Even veteran players are subject to the wonderful world of "I hit every pellet but the server didn't register and so now I did like no damage. And the OCA-EW just killed me." Skip.


OBIR: I didn't find this on the list but nobody really has the modern one written down. However. I was able to pick one from the list when I joined and went through the tutorial so you should be able to as well. Anyway. The OBIR is a 3 round burst rifle. Primarily a marksmanship weapon so you'll be sitting a bit farther back and poking at people from a distance. You remember the Battle Rifle from Halo 2 and 3? Pretty much that. Not as universal as that, but pretty much the same playstyle.


All in all, the weapon you pick is up to you, and this list might not be accurate because a lot of the information that's easy to get to is from years ago due to a heavy breakdown in communications. Also, as one final thing: I'm gonna bold this up and whatever else so you see it and understand it because a lot of people are lead to believe that APB Reloaded is "Pay to Win" You ready?




Most of the guns you find on ARMAS are reskins of other weapons. Check the descriptions of the weapons for stuff like "Built to [X] specifications" or "Duplicating the internals of [X]" and "Similar in performance to [X]"


That accounts for most of the ARMAS market. There are some weapons that are a bit powerful, like the ATAC family, but these weapons can be beaten by playing against their strengths and exploiting their weaknesses. In addition, the stock STAR and FBW you get are incredibly useful, and (AFAIK) many veterans agree that they are the most versatile weapon in the game. They might not do everything well, but they can do just about anything. Aside from snipe. Because they're not snipers.


Also. I mentioned before that the servers were bad. I'm not lying. Someone, or a group of people somewhere has a diehard grudge against the game and DDOS's the game consistently. Servers barely leave mitigation, so expect it to be laggy. It sucks, yeah, but you'll eventually get used to it. The servers have also been pretty squished together so you're going to be playing with a lot of international people with 200+ ping. You'll have to get used to that too. It's gonna be rough.


People do cheat. It's a given. However, not everyone cheats. People have played this game for forever. It's very skill intensive. You'll have to get over the rough patch of a beginning that the game gives you, but I highly encourage you to stick with it. The game shines once you learn it's ways.


I also highly encourage you to focus more on playing the game than winning every mission. If you get angry at the game it's hard to get un-angry. I also especially discourage whispering players while angry  and yelling at them, accusing them of cheating, or other things. You will be mocked hardcore. Not to mention maybe banned. Seriously. Don't do it. Don't let your hate flow into the game. If it's that bad, get up for a minute. You spew salt at griefers and trolls and you'll be giving them exactly what they want. One lost mission is not worth being ridiculed by the entire district and then maybe chat banned or temp/permabanned from the game.


Enjoy your stay.


If you've got any questions, post them here and I'll answer to the best of my ability. As a note, my forum name is not the same as my ingame name, so don't try to add me. You won't get me.

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On 5/28/2018 at 11:14 PM, Valkyrie96 said:

just saying hello im giving this game a try:-)

Late, but Hello too, welcome to the game and best of luck, enjoy your stay and maybe you will like it aswell, have a nice one 🙂

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Make sure you learn from all your losses in Apb and also try to whisper your opposition asking for tips

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