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OTW changes feedback about shotguns

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I tested mainly shotguns in OTW , here is my feedback.

To be honest , Just should revert shotgun changes before patch.
Shotguns were fine as they were. I've never thought they are bad.
I know shotguns should be strong in CQC , but now its overpowered.
And they are problem.

JG - need firerate nerf. (0.68s -> about 0.75s?? )

Shredder - still broken. nerf firerate and need range nerf. (Effective range should be 20m -> 15m , Min damage Range should be 40m -> 25m) It's just like a easy hit AR not a shotgun.

Thumper - need firerate nerf when out of marksmanshipmode , and range nerf too. (Effective range should be 20m -> 15m , Min damage range should be 30m -> 25m)

Showstopper - I feel this is OP as a secondary. easy 3 shot kill in 0.7s. need firerate nerf slightly or increase pellet spread.

And about N-TEC5 - If LO team going to nerf N-TEC5 , need nerf N-TEC7 Ursus too. It's almost same  , and feels N-TEC7 Ursus is very good. This will be best AR.

sorry for my poor english, i hope Lo team fix these problem.

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The post of OTW changes in this forum doesn't mention the Shredder's RoF revert (0.37s back to 0.42s) that's in the Social subforum, so I hope that's in OTW right now. It definitely needs the range nerf too, since the benefit of a marksman shotgun should be tight pellet grouping across distance, which gives an effective ranged damage increase without having to actually touch its stats. 40m range on top of tight grouping is just double-dipping buffs making it far too good at range. That, or the scaling needs to be tuned waaaaaaay down - land only 1/3 of the pellets and you'll still be granted a 4-shot kill. Crazy. A shotgun may be a mechanically easy weapon to use, but a specifically marksman-tuned shotgun should need more player skill and aim to be used at these ranges. Aiming within a foot or two of your target and just hoping 3 pellets hit each time is pretty cheesy, to put it lightly.

Thumper needs adjustment too. It's sitting at 0.60s for hipfire TTK. JG is at 0.68s, and it doesn't have the ranged benefits that the Thumper does. In my opinion, the Thumper should have around a 0.65s hipfire TTK at least, under the reasoning that granting it increased effective range should come at the cost of close-range performance. A gun (a legendary one, at that) should not perform exceedingly well at both its primary range and its unique added range - LO should know this, since they decided to make the Showstopper come in two distinct versions for ranged effectiveness, instead of a single gun like the Thumper has. Versatility should come with downsides. However, 0.90s in marksman mode is fairly balanced - I would recommend that if the base TTK is modified to 0.65s, the percentage RoF change in the inherent red mod should be changed to 40% for a virtually-identical 0.91s TTK.

As for the thumper's effective range, I wouldn't make it so far off of the shredder as you suggest. However, it may be worth looking into adding the effective range change into the inherent red mod. A big struggle for shotguns with LO's consistency changes is having shotguns with higher effective range spamming easy kills. Before, the pellets landing was the limiting factor, now it isn't. If you want the Thumper to be consistent with the rest of your damage scaling changes, I would highly recommend making the Thumper's base range the same as JG/CSG, but add additional range when in marksman mode in its red mod. That way, players will not be able to hipfire spam it at longer ranges to scrape by on minimal pellet counts hitting their target, but still benefit from the shotgun consistency changes.

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The only thing shredder needs is to have its ROF reverted back to a ttk of ~.84/.85 and have its Shotgun "buff" overkill pellet damage decreased. It's range has always allowed it to 3 hit at 20-30m with IR3, now itll have a further increased TTK for it as well due to the mod, and decreasing the shotgun overkill will potentially make it 4-5 hit at times at 20+m anyways, causing a 1-1.3ttk in general at that range.

I do agree with the increased range from thumpers mod though, would be interesting to see how that works instead.

JG is fine, if anything increase its TTK back to .7 where it was originally.

Showstopper has a high pellet spread already, what you feel is that its ROF and the shotgun changes make it more consistent than it normally would be. It's really only useful sub 5m though...

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