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QOL Suggestions

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QOL Suggestions:


would it be possible to train our horses to follow us?  or even a whistle that worked like a buff for xx minutes doing the same. rather scavenge while on horse but thought this way be more palatable.


can our char's please adjust to slight Z changes as we walk?  so tired of some small step and my guy stops as he can't walk over it so need to back up go forward then jump to clear it.


on recipe panel next to collapse all can we please get a expand all button too?

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Ah yes, this would be awesome. The pets are already doing it so it shouldn't be hard to make mounts also do it.

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Tell u the truth, some of that is doable.

Expand all button? Possibly.

Follow button for mounts(cept vehicles course:classic_laugh:, that would be soooo much fun to watch though...) - easy.

Gathering mats, while on mount/on-in vehicle...welp, that problem is pretty much known. Its making process so slow, ik, personally as a crafter/seasonal grinder:classic_happy:. Gathering while using mount is mostly out of the question...but, if that would become fastest/easiest solution, it will be done.

Height/Angle...well, actually...adjusting it most likely let anyone to climb any mountain easy as...u know what. Maybe, something will be done bout that.

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