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Friday test on OTW!

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Hello everyone!

Last week we had Open Test World open to everyone. And with such short notice, we thank everyone that participated and reported the issues to us! It has helped us tremendously.

Our developer has been very hard at work and has fixed all of the issues that our community has reported and so, this Friday once again starting ay 7PM GMT, we would like to invite you all again to join us in testing matchmaking!

If you have not yet, make sure to grab the OTW client and download it ahead of time so that you can participate: http://apb.patch.ot.gamersfirst.com/APB_OTW_Installer.exe

If you were not part of last week here are the notes that are part of the testing:
Matchmaking Improvements:

  • With this build, we have deployed new code based on the existing matchmaking functionality on Live. We have changed the way data is interpreted, used, and calculated with multiple players, but the underlying individual skill rating formulas are the same.
  • Matchmaking has been moved from District to World.
  • Matchmaking will only function in the same district - at least for now. We plan on expanding matchmaking to function cross-district within the next coming weeks.
  • Attempting to ready up cross-district will fail without any errors. This is a known issue and we are tracking it.
  • Threat is visible for testing purposes, but may disappear in the future once we are certain the build works as intended and we have proper analytics to ensure our players are always getting the highest quality matches.
  • Backup is disabled for this build and will not function. This will be added in a future deployment.
  • Unopposed missions are no longer present in this build, and all missions are instantly opposed.
  • Team alliance is non-functional and will be re-implemented.
  • The matchmaker will no longer attempt to make matches that are unequal in size. You will be matched exactly according to initial mission sizes - 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4.
  • Fight Club, Social and Minigame Districts will be unaffected by these changes and are outside the scope of our testing. However, they may be present.


See you all there!

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